Digital Nomads – Remote Working on the Move

16 April, 2018 | [email protected] | Careers in IT, IT Certifications, IT Security
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While the idea of working on a telecommute or “home office” basis as such is not so new anymore, modern IT technology like easily portable/mobile computer devices, cloud computing, and the internet in general as well as its broad Wifi availability has taken the possibilities of remote working to a whole new level.

Cloud Computing Makes Telecommuting a Real Possibility

There is a new generation of employees and entrepreneurs who do not only work away from their regular office space and are not even simply working from home instead, but travel abroad and work from there, or even during the traveling as such.

This is made possible by constantly evolving hardware (smartphones that can double as mobile hotspots, tablet computers, laptops etc.) and software that enables handling computer-related tasks from places like a train, bus, coffee shop, or even the beach.

But the option of working on texts, graphics and other files from almost anywhere and submitting them via email is only one part of the possibilities: Online video conferences and phone calls over the internet (Voice over IP) enable real-time communication at comparatively low costs, and products like Microsoft Sharepoint enable the collaboration of teams that might theoretically have its members all over the globe.

In addition, other industry branches are evolving to accommodate the needs of the so called “digital nomads”, remote workers and other “road warriors”. Specialized travel agencies and providers of commercial co-working spaces all over the world offer their services to this particular set of customers.

While there are actually people that live this kind of nomadic lifestyle as regular employees of a company, it is safe to state that the majority of digital nomads work on a self-employed basis – i.e. as freelancers – for example as copy or travel writers, bloggers, website or graphic designers, multi-media specialists, digital marketing or search engine optimization experts.

The digital nomad lifestyle constitutes an exciting and challenging option for many people, but it is certainly not for everybody. Your success in this area depends on a whole number of factors, on the individual financial situation, a huge amount of flexibility and a certain willingness to take exchange a certain amount of uncertainty with the many trappings and luxuries a more “settled” career might have to offer. One way or the other though: As the success of basically any form of digital/multi-media career at least in parts depends on one’s computer-related skills and knowledge, one should make sure to keep an eye on the latest technologies and software developments that might enhance one’s professional chances. The good news is, that there are many opportunities for remote/online learning, training and certifications as well.