MCSA: SQL Server 2016 Database Development

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MCSA: SQL Server 2016 Database Development

Demonstrate Your Skills as a Database Professional with Both Onsite and Cloud-Based Databases with our MCSA: SQL Server Database Developer Boot Camp.

What is MCSA: SQL Server 2016 Database Development?

MCSA: SQL Server 2016 Database Development is an associate level certification within Microsoft’s Official Curriculum (MOC). The focus of this certification is to validate your expertise in building and implementing databases across multiple organizations. The certification itself is made up of two exams: 70-761: Querying with Transact-SQL and 70-762: Developing SQL Databases, typically this certification is geared towards professionals (database administrators, system engineers, and developers) who have two or more years of writing queries experience. Even though this certification is retiring at the end of the year it will remain active and recognized in the technology community for an additional two years. This certification will always remain relevant and highly respected as companies continually rely on server technologies.

Database Developer

What Can I Do With This Certification?

Database development is an imperative skill necessary to multi-scale businesses. The focus of MCSA: SQL Server 2016 Database Development is to allow professionals to query data across multiple platforms while utilizing Transact-SQL and develop SQL databases. Within the last thirty plus years database platforms have come and gone. However, database technology is a vital element in computing tasks and applications and has only become more of a necessity for businesses especially with the introduction of the Cloud. According to recent research the median salary for a Database Developer is $93,750, with a higher than average job growth rate of 10%. Even with the introduction of Windows Server 2019, there has been a 28% increase in businesses utilizing Windows Server 2016. The need for businesses to facilitate their data in an optimally efficient way is more and more imperative as companies become more dependent on onsite and cloud-based databases. If you are just introducing yourself to Windows Server and prefer the fastest way to certification, start with the MCSA.

How Can I Get Certified?

There is no question that earning the MCSA: SQL Server 2016 Database Development certification will provide you with the credibility and the experience necessary to secure your position or garner a higher salary. With the growing demand for this role traditional methods of education (colleges/universities) cannot keep up in supplying qualified candidates. Whereas TechSherpas365 offers multiple teaching methods for this certification the most effectual method is to enroll in the boot camp. By offering technology-focused, short termed accelerated learning programs this method has proven its efficiency in providing the necessary skills and requirements to obtaining certification. If you are interested in learning more contact us here.


What is Microsoft R and What Does it Do?

If you are not familiar with programming and programming languages, the mention of “Microsoft R” might not mean that much to you.  So, what is Microsoft R?

For those interested in the subjects of statistical computing, data science, and analytics, the “Microsoft R Client” combines two well-known and very well-established components.

What Is Microsoft R and What Does It Do for Your Client?

The R language (based on the S Language for Statistical Computing that originates in the 1970ies) has already been around for quite some time, having been first implemented in the 1990ies by two faculty members of the University auf Auckland: Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka. In 1995, R was established as an open source product, which is meanwhile managed be the R Core Group/R Core Team.

First steps to work with the Microsoft R Client

  1. You start with downloading and installing the right version for your operating system – it is compatible with Windows, Linux (Redhat 6 and 7, SLES 11, Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04), and works with the Machine Learning Server & R Server. You can download for free here:
  2. Configure your IDE (integrated development environment)

You can find more detailed information regarding the installation and configuration process, system requirements etc. here (Windows) and here (Linux).

TechSherpas Course 20773: “Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R”

TechSherpas offers you a comprehensive course on how to make the best use of Microsoft R to analyze your large data sets within a big data environment. It also helps developers regarding the integration of R analyses into their respective solutions.

In order to get the most out of this course, as a student you should be familiar with

  • R and how to utilize it for programming
  • Common statistical methods
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Relational databases

MCSA Machine Learning Bundle for Certification

The TechSherpas MCSA Machine Learning Bundle combines the above “Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R” with 20774: “Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning”

Depending on whether you like the live classroom experience at one of our locations all over the United States or prefer learning in a virtual environment, you can choose between two options: In-Classroom Learning (ICL) Virtual Live Training (VLT). These classes take place about once a month, and you can choose between various local events from A as in “Anchorage” to V as in “Virginia Beach”.

Customized Onsite-Training

If you need the training for a whole group (for example a team of employees), we offer individually customized training solutions at a location of your choice. Please contact us with your questions, and for further information.



How Flexible Are You?

Sometimes yoga is defined as to “yoke” or unify by bringing together people, ideas and life experiences. Similarly, flexible education options are key, especially for working parents or full-time students who are pressed for time.

Flexible Education Options Make Dreams Come True

For many, a busy schedule doesn’t allow traditional education channels in which to advance one’s career. It can be frustrating to not get the career you’ve always wanted or to get passed over for advancement due to a lack of certifications or educational requirements.

Meditation might help the frustration, but it won’t increase your hourly income substantially. With that in mind, virtual live training (VLT) can be invaluable to your career. TechSherpas provides this training delivery method with live instructor-led classes taken at your convenience. Moreover, the training can be accessed at your home, office or any location. VLT allows interaction with the instructor commensurate with the traditional classroom experience. If needed, the instructor can also take over your computer to assist with labs or exercises to facilitate your learning curve.

Virtual live training can help you learn specific knowledge without having to travel and sit in a classroom. Using web conferencing, you can see the instructor’s desktop as you walk through the various presentations. Just like a regular class, you can listen in and participate in the presentation, while getting help from the instructor with remote desktop software. It’s also nice to have face-to-face interaction vis-à-vis web cameras to facilitate the human touch, viewing your instructor and others attending at your location.

At the at the end of the day, the goal is to achieve educational advancements and certifications to elevate your status and value as a professional. If your schedule does not permit this through traditional classroom means, your opportunity is lost. The financial impact is magnified as time goes on, putting off education due to scheduling conflicts.

Virtual live training can be a game changer for you and your family. Wouldn’t it be great to have the confidence to take on financial burdens/opportunities such as getting married, having a family, and buying a home – all while advancing your career? Having 24/7 access to class labs allows you to proceed through classes at your own speed within your busy schedule.

Like yoga, virtual live training offers flexibility and stress relief providing on-the-fly education to allow you to advance your career. Just like yoga, it will offer you continued growth along your path to health and physical fitness, in addition to financial fitness.



Reasons to Continue Your Tech Training with TechSherpas

Being trained on a basic level in technology may help you launch a great career, but it won’t take you the distance.  In order to create longevity and pursue a lifelong career, you need lifelong training opportunities.

Tech Training with TechSherpas Provides Constant Improvement Opportunities

Here are a few reasons why you should work with a place that can provide constant and never-ending improvement through training for your career.

Changes in Technology Happen Every Day

It is very difficult to have a career without an understanding of technology and computer software. This can be a challenge, however, especially if you aren’t familiar with the technology. You can have a basic knowledge of technology and still not be aware or educated on the latest programs. That’s why we consistently stay ahead of the game by offering the latest training so that you can continue to educate yourself and make yourself newly relevant to your career.  Here are some of the reasons you should consider taking advantage of our courses.

The software is constantly being updated

Even though new programs are coming out all the time, each individual software also has its own updates. Software companies are constantly improving on their products to better benefit the consumer, and every time there is a major update there is more to learn. That’s why TechSherpas stays apprised of new updates and continuously offers the most recent training provided by major software companies.  Anytime you need a refresher course, you can turn to us.

Building your expertise

Being an expert in the programs designed to support your job gives you an extreme advantage in your career. You can accomplish tasks faster and on a higher level when you understand the software that supports you. A basic knowledge of a software is beneficial, but it’s not going to give you all the information on how to best use it to your advantage. When you continue your training and become an expert, you understand the benefits and limitations of these programs and working with them.

Employers and clients love seeing people who continue to advance their career through continuous education. A basic knowledge will help you get a great job, but it takes long-term and continuous training to continue to advance in your chosen career.


Creating a Corporate Skills Development Strategy

In a corporate work environment, you want to make sure your employees have every opportunity for advancement within your company.  In order to provide this, you need more than just a solid career track. You need to provide or seek out opportunities for your workforce to enhance their skills.

Learn Career Skills with Company IT Training

With company IT training opportunities, you can offer your workforce the opportunity for skill enhancement that will take them to the next level.  This is all possible through technology.

Now, with remote learning opportunities and distance learning options, your employees can learn right from their work stations or offices.  They can apply the knowledge they learn on the spot, and ask advice from instructors on specific issues.

You can now take advantage of easy access to information but carefully balance how to use it.  You can provide education for your workforce, and even utilize social or online platforms to grow your workforce with qualified candidates.


In order to create the right opportunities for your employees, you will want to create a corporate skills development strategy.  Ask yourself the following:

What are the career tracks available in your company?

Try to determine what opportunities you offer for your employees, and the best ways to get there.

What skills would one need to achieve advancement on each track?

Organize each position by skill and figure out which skills you want people to hone and improve.

How can each position be improved so that it is performed at maximum efficiency?

Take an analysis of the positions available in your company, and see what can be improved.

How much money would this save your company and how much would it earn you?

If you have skilled employees, the efficiency of each position will improve. Find out how much this can benefit you financially.

How much would you be willing to invest in the success of your staff and your company?

Balance what you would earn and save with what you are willing to invest in the improvement of the skillsets of your workforce.  With remote training opportunities to improve employee skills, you will be surprised what you can accomplish by investing in your staff.

When you consider the answers to these questions, it’s easy to create a strategy that will benefit your employees and allow you to provide them with all of the tools and resources they need to become successful and further promote your company’s success and advancement.


Common Misconceptions About the IT Industry

The IT industry is our own, and as such we are proud to be the provider of IT industry training for those who work in technology. However, there are many misconceptions circling around about the IT industry, and we’re here to set people straight. Here are some of the most common myths about the IT industry.

IT Industry Training Center Debunks Industry Myths

Technology Jobs are Equivalent to Computer Science

While computer science is of course an excellent background if you are getting into the IT industry, it is not the only background. IT professionals come from many backgrounds and this does not necessarily include computer science. In fact, some of the high level jobs and companies are looking for employees with a well-rounded background. So, if you think that your background doesn’t lend itself to the IT industry, you could be very wrong. Use what you know and select a series of certifications that will help you achieve the career that you want.

A Degree Will Keep You Safe

Obviously, at TechSherpas we are proponents of education. However, technology is always changing, and a degree receive ten years ago may not be enough to keep you at the top of your game. This is why we offer the certification that we do. When a new software or technology comes onto the market, we’re there to make sure that you have the tools and resources to learn it. Education will certainly help you stay on top of your game by giving you the basic groundwork of technology, but continuing education is just as vital when working in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of technology.

It’s Hard to Get Your Foot in the Door

Many people are discouraged looking for jobs in the IT industry because they believe it’s difficult to transition into a career. This could not be more wrong! There are so many opportunities when it comes to IT careers, and companies are always looking for sharp individuals to navigate the waters of their technological needs. Almost every company has a website, and if not they usually need one. Most companies also need help with software, service, and a whole host of things related to the IT industry. With the right skills, it is very easy to get into the IT industry. Moving up in the IT industry depends on your motivation and willingness to continue learning new things.
The IT industry is an excellent career choice, and we need more people like you. We hope we’ve debunked some myths that may be turning you away from IT industry training.

One-day Microsoft training classes get you in and out with what you need

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are mastery technological skills, but a solid foundation certainly can be. In just one day, you can learn to be more efficient through software capabilities, taking the guessing and learning curve out of your daily job functions. In just one day, you can get what you need to make your work day more productive. Among our vast selection of IT training courses, we have the one-day, wham bam, and let’s get down to business, course for you. With these courses, you will get the skills you need to wiz through daily tasks, impress your fellow peers and your boss, and help calm the storm the next time someone is a battering their keyboard. This week’s featured classes are those 1 day-ers that get you in and out, preparing you to move onto bigger and better things.

80447: Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010
Customers make the business world go round. That is why utilizing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is crucial. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM system can help reduce costs, and increase productivity by automating business process that nurture customer relationships and satisfaction. There are many advantages to integrating Sharepoint with CRM. Some of the main pluses are:

The ability to share folders with all types of documents
Enterprise search
Customer/client portal
Out-if-the-box dashboards
Class 80447 is a one-day course that will explain why and how to integrate these two Microsoft technologies. By taking this one day course, you will learn the following:

The kinds of business problems SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to solve
Identify the most common scenarios where SharePoint and Dynamics CRM can be used together
Learn basic Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization techniques required to build integrated applications
Understand and Work with SharePoint Web Parts and Pages
Understand and Use SharePoint Designer Data Views to Expose Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Data
Understand how to use the Business Data Catalog with data From Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Filtered Views
Understand how to configure, publish, and view Excel spreadsheets using Excel Services
Demonstrate how to install, configure, and use the default integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.
Understand how Business Connectivity Services and Excel Services can be used to display Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 data within SharePoint.
Understand how to leverage and configure SharePoint searching capabilities to search Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 data from within SharePoint.
Explain how Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, PowerPivot, and Power View can be used together to provide rich business intelligence solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.
Mastering Microsoft Office Word
Word processing is the use of computers to create, revise, and save documents for printing and future retrieval. Back in the day it did this in the most basic way, with a couple formatting option, bold and underline texts. Nowadays, this tool can transform a plain typed document into a colorful vivid piece of marketing art. Word! It is also a wonderful tool for creating professional business documents. Most of us use Microsoft Word on a daily basis, and don’t even fully understand all of its functionalities, and end up screaming at the screen because formatting is a little funky or you just can’t get it to do what you want. Yes, you remember that fit you had once or twice. Well these courses will solve that problem, and provide endless business solutions. You will be impressed with all the cool things this tool really can do.

50126: Microsoft Office Word 2007 Step by Step Level 1
Course 50126 is the first in a series of three Microsoft Office Word 2007 courses. It will provide you with the basic concepts required to produce basic business documents, as you will create, edit, and enhance standard business documents using Microsoft Office Word 2007.Once you have completed this course you will be able to:

Create a basic document using Microsoft Word.

  • Edit documents by locating and modifying text.
  • Format text.
  • Format paragraphs.
  • Add tables to a document.
  • Add graphic elements to a document.
  • Control a document’s page setup and its overall appearance.
  • Proof documents to make them more accurate.

50542: Learn Microsoft Word 2010 Step by Step Level 2

Course 50542 is designed for those who already have the Level 1 Skills (ability to use Microsoft Word 2010 to create, edit, format, save, and print basic business documents containing text, tables, and graphics), but need to know how to create or modify complex business documents and customized Word efficiency tools. It also aims to assist those preparing for the Microsoft Office Specialist exams for Microsoft Word 2010. You will create complex documents and build personalized efficiency tools using Microsoft Office Word 2010, and will leave with these skills:

  • Ability to manage lists.
  • Customize tables and charts
  • Customize the formatting of a document using styles and themes
  • Modify pictures in a document
  • Create customized graphic elements
  • Insert content using Quick Parts
  • Control text flow
  • Use templates to automate document creation
  • Use the mail merge function
  • Use macros to automate common tasks

Save 10% with One-day Microsoft Courses

Microsoft training classes
Save 10% on these Microsoft training courses
You are probably saying to yourself right now, “Wow that would make life much easier”, and thinking of all the things you could get done if you knew how to use these software tools at full capacity. Time is precious, as we live busy lives so these one-day courses are ideal to get valuable skills sets to make a big difference in your day to day job tasks. Just one day can make a difference in your overall productivity and success on the job.

Featured Microsoft classes are always guaranteed-to-run and offer a 10% discount when registered for the following dates:

  • 80447: Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 – 7/30/2013
  • 50126: Microsoft Office Word 2007 Step by Step Level 1 – 7/30/2013
  • 50542: Learn Microsoft Word 2010 Step by Step Level 2 – 7/31/2013

Remember to mention Promo code FC1day10 to receive your discount.

Windows 7 – Featured Training Classes

Knowledge is power. No matter how much experience you have, or how many degrees you have, there is always something new to learn. Whatever skill set you are learning, you typically start with the basics, and once those are mastered, you move to a deeper understanding, and if you’re really good can even make expert status. IT professionals are no different when it comes to mastering skill sets, and their skill sets must actually be updated frequently as technologies are constantly evolving. Windows 8 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft, but its predecessor Windows 7 is still widely utilized for both personal and business computers. In fact, it made history as the fastest selling Microsoft system back in 2009, and based on usage statistics from various organizations, usage is currently higher for Windows 7.  Because of its popularity, we are featuring two Windows 7 training classes this week for all you IT Pros. This means you can take these courses at a special rate. Microsoft courses 50292 and 6292 are courses worth exploring for those who are thinking of Windows 7 deployment, as well as those who are already using the system, but want a more solid foundation and understanding of all its functionalities.

Class 50292: Administering & Maintaining Windows 7

This is a five-day instructor-led course that will provide enterprise-level IT professionals with the knowledge and skills to successfully install, maintain, and troubleshoot Windows 7 computers. You will learn how Windows 7 allows for vast improvements to security, overall system performance, and deployment. Once you have completed this IT training course, you will achieve rock star status with the ability to provide your organization with the following solutions:

  • Successful configuration of the IT Pro tools and applications
  • Identify technical problems that can occur on your organization’s client computers
  • Discover the Windows 7 tools used to monitor and maintain those computers
  • Successfully navigate the five main troubleshooting areas: operating system, hardware, networking, security, and applications.

Class 6292: Installing & Configuring Windows 7 Client

Many organizations have converted to Windows 7, but not everyone. For those who haven’t, and are interested in learning how to do it, Class 6292 is for you. In this IT training course, you will learn about Windows 7 deployment, learn to evaluate installation and migration, investigate security features, and learn to configure for the client environment.  If you’re an IT professional looking to receive a Microsoft certification, which is highly recommended if you are pursuing a career in IT infrastructure, then this course will also prepare you for the Exam 70-680.

This three-day instructor-led course is intended for IT professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge base and technical skills about Windows 7 Client. In this course, IT professionals will acquire a deep technical knowledge of Windows 7 technologies. They will learn how to:

  • Install, upgrade, and migrate to Windows 7 client.
  • Configure Windows 7 client for network connectivity, security, maintenance, and mobile computing.

 Upcoming Windows 7 Training Classes

Both courses, 50292 and 6292, are Guaranteed-to-Run during the week of 7/22. There is still time to register for these classes, and receive a 10% discount. You can visit the 50292 or 6292 course page to register, or contact your TechSherpas Rep. Be sure to mentioned Promo Code FCwin10 to receive your special rate for your courses running the week of 7/22.

We also offer a list of other Windows 7 & Windows 8 classes, including:

  • 50218: Windows 7 Training for Developers
  • 50331: Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician
  • 6294: Planning and Managing Windows 7 Desktop Deployments and Environments
  • 20689: Upgrading Your Skills To MCSA Windows 8
  • 20688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8
  • 20687: Configuring Windows 8