Windows 10 Version to Retire May 9th

17 April, 2017 | Della Wyler | Careers in IT, IT Certifications
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Windows finally publicly confirmed that the debut edition of Windows 10, launched in 2015, will not be receiving further support services come May 9.

 Microsoft Training Recipients Will Learn a New Platform After May 9

Some people already expected that Microsoft will be dropping Windows 10 version 1507 from their list of supported operating systems because it was already discreetly added to Microsoft support documents, like the Windows lifecycle fact sheet. Those same documents also list the support deadline for operating systems and their versions, like the Windows 10 edition, v. 1511.

What this means is that Microsoft will not be responsible for updating, making security patches, introducing new customer-friendly features, adding new versions or fixing bugs and difficulties with the Windows 10 system.

Microsoft was clear in stating their intentions on this action within their support documents and mandates. They were supposed to service clients of Windows 10 for eighteen months total, but because they introduced a new version of the system, they could not retire the system last March. Retiring Windows 10 on May 9th gave users a two-month extension, making a total 21 servicing months for Windows 10 version 1507. Upon that extension, there was no specific date given as to when the support services would stop, but some anticipated that it would the 9th, considering that’s the scheduled monthly Patch Tuesday.

Contrary to their earlier systems, Windows 10 1507, and v. 1511 have shorter software servicing. If you still recall Windows 8.1 and 7, users had around 10 years of support from Microsoft before they were finally retired. People speculate that company’s pledge to support a particular edition was shortened to give way to newer operating systems and to encourage users to switch to them, given Microsoft is investing a lot in these new operating systems. That’s also why the support for Windows 10 edition, v. 1511 will also be terminated sometime this October.

The community should expect that Microsoft will continue the trend of lessening the time that any operating system will be under their support list. In fact, the rule they are following now is at the release of an upgrade or a new version, whatever was two upgrades back will be removed from the support list 2 months after. In this case, after version 1703 was released a couple of months ago, it necessitated the retirement of 1507. This system makes sure that Microsoft only has a maximum of 2 Current Branch for Business systems.

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