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Get the first look at Windows 10

Windows 10 is the best thing that happened in the IT world. The new operating system is the perfect platform that combines the strengths of Windows 7 and 8. Not only is it user friendly, it has incredible speed and built-in security that will keep your computer safe. A report by WinBeta shows 50 million devices now run Windows 10! Have you tried Windows 10 yet? Well, after reading this article, you might jump onto the band wagon.

Amazing features of Windows 10:

Familiar Screens

Windows 10 uses screens and features very similar to Windows 7. This allows users to navigate easily through different screens. This is very convenient for users who have a hard time adjusting to new operating systems. With the ease of familiar options and screens, upgrading to the new version is very simple.


Microsoft Edge is a new feature that allows you to multi task and increases your production. With this feature, you can write/draw/ take notes directly on web sites, search web sites faster, and streamline your favorite articles. Your notes and doodles can easily be shared with friends and co-workers. Fans of Windows 10 are already raving about how this version knocks the past versions out of the water.


Windows 10 features a Windows Store that is a helpful hub to store your data. The Windows Store is a feature that stores games, movies, apps, and media. Users can access their data and apps from any Windows 10 device, including tablets, phones, and laptops.

It’s personal

A great feature in Windows 10 is choosing how to communicate with your device! Windows 10 allows you to utilize your device by writing, typing, speaking, or touching. This is a huge step up from the previous Windows systems. Back in the day, customizing your device simply met changing your wallpaper or screen saver. Now, you have the ability to talk to your device. Windows has definitely amped up their system to match the technical advances in today’s society.

Comes ready with built-in Apps

Once you upgrade to the new version, your system will come equipped with several built-in apps. These include Photos, Maps, Music, Mail, and OneDrive. Since the apps use OneDrive to back up information, you can effortlessly sync all of your data across your different Windows 10 devices.

So what’s your next step towards Windows 10?

TechSherpas has a couple Windows 10 events in the works so sign up for our newsletter here to get notified on those dates. The first will be a ½ day Windows 10 First Look event and the second will dive deeper during a full-day Hands-On workshop.TechSherpas will also be releasing official Windows 10 courses in October!  The following courses are set to be released in the coming months:

20697-1 Installing and Configuring Windows 10 (October 13, 2015)

  • This course is intended for IT professionals who administer and support Windows 10 desktops, devices, users, and associated network and security resources. The networks with which these professionals typically work are configured as Windows Server domain-based environments with managed access to the Internet and cloud services.  Students who seek certification in the 70-697 Windows 10 Configuring exam will also benefit from this course.

 20697-2 Deploying and Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services (October 21, 2015)

  • This course is intended for IT Professionals who are interested in specializing in Windows 10 desktop and application deployments and managing the cloud-based application and data service environments for large enterprise organizations. The networks with which these professionals typically work are configured as Windows Server domain-based environments with managed access to the Internet and cloud services.

In the meantime, check out this Windows 10 Demo video! Move up with Windows 10!