Top In-Demand IT Certifications

24 April, 2013 | Della Wyler | IT Certifications
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Studies have shown that IT professionals with a certain degree of expertise and knowledge via a certification are more likely than their non-certified counterparts, to get selected for the job. In addition, the certified applicants land higher-paying jobs. This news may not be new to you, but you may be wondering which certifications you should get. If you can get all of them, be our guest! There is no limit on how many you can earn, but if your time is limited, and you want to capitalize on one in specific, we have a list of the top in-demand IT certifications for 2013.

Mastering Microsoft

As the application of the Cloud gained popularity, Microsoft realized the need to revamp their certification program. There different levels of certifications based on what path you decide to take: Client, Server, Database, or Developer. Of these, there seems to be a higher demand for the MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate), and the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert): Private Cloud.

The MCSA is actually a prerequisite for the MCSE, and is the place for experienced IT professionals to begin the certification process. The salary range for those who hold and MCSA Certification is $52,000-$115,000, with an average salary of $59,000. The salary can vary greatly based on the location, company, industry, and experience. Organizations seeking individuals with MCSA certifications cover industries across the board: Healthcare; Information Technology; Financial; Government; and Communications. Basically any organization that has an IT department wants their IT staff to have at least an MCSA Certification.

The MCSE is available for those choosing to excel in Microsoft’s Server & Database paths. Although there are currently 8 different MSCE paths you can take, the one that seems to be sought more often by is the MCSE: Private Cloud. That’s not a huge surprise since these days you can’t do anything without hearing about the Cloud. Because of its accessibility and space-saving attributes, the Cloud is appealing to a large audience both in the personal and business worlds. The Cloud is quickly gaining popularity, amongst organizations, as they are realizing the savings in cost associated with housing and maintenance of their IT hardware and software. The salary range for those who hold a MCSE Certification is $52,000-$102,000, with an average salary of $61,000. As with the MCSA, the range of industries seeking MCSE Certified individuals is vast, and includes those mentioned above, as well as teaching positions.

Although these appear to be the highest in demand currently, studies have shown Microsoft certifications fuel new careers and six figure salaries, so feel free to explore all the options.

Networking Knowledge

Although CompTIA is known for their excellent A+ Certification, the Networking+ Certification appears to be a slightly stronger factor when selecting an individual to manage and maintain the IT infrastructure. This isn’t too much of a surprise as this certification extends beyond the generalist knowledge and skill set associated with the A+ certification. The salary range for individuals that hold a Networking+ certification is $36,000-$66,000 with an average salary of $38,000.

Perfecting Project Management

The ability to manage projects effectively and efficiently is a skill set that is required and desired across all industries. Those who master these skills can achieve great success for not only for themselves, but for the organization they work for. This has been recognized world-wide, and Project Management has earned itself a certification program that is respected and sought my many. There are several certifications that fall under this umbrella, but the one currently in highest demand, is the PMP (Project Management Professional). IT is a large part of project management certifications. These systems enable professionals to excel in planning, budgeting, managing time, and reducing costs. What company wouldn’t be interested in a candidate holding this certification? The salary range for those holding a PMP Certification is $65,000-$232,000, with an average salary of $86,000.


VMWare specializes in virtualization and cloud software and services. As previously mentioned, Cloud computing is becoming more common as organizations around the world, are exploring and utilizing the Cloud. This drives the demand for experienced and knowledgeable IT professionals up. Those holding a VCP (VMWare Certified Professional) certification are attractive candidates for organizations looking to reduce IT infrastructure costs. This competency is built on the skills and knowledge needed to successfully install, deploy, scale, and manage VMware vSphere environments along with a solid foundation in basic cloud infrastructure concepts including public/private/hybrid clouds, multi-tenancy, and cloud security. The salary range for those holding a VCP certification is $59,000-$80,000 with an average salary of $69,000.

Security Savvy with CISSP

Protection of an organizations data, systems, and networks is important, and as such, requires a qualified individual to maintain the security of these vital components. As these systems are moving to the cloud protection has become even more essential. The vast majority of company information is transmitted via email or the web, and with this comes the threat of viruses and hackers. There are several certifications available that focus on the IT security, so choosing which one to get could be a difficult task, but it appears that the CISSP is the one with highest demand and helps land better paying positions. The salary range for an individual holding a CISSP certification is $65,000-$111,000, with an average salary of $80,000.

Train for Success

There are many IT certifications available for IT professionals who want to take the next step in advancing in their careers. There are several factors that come into play when choosing the certification that is right for you. Depending on the type of IT you want to specialize in, will guide you down the path you need to follow, and pay will likely be a factor for you as well. Now you know which certifications are being sought out most, and how much earning potential is there. Training for your certification exam will give you the knowledge and tools you need to pass your exam, but even better will better prepare you for real, on the job situations, which is most important. This knowledge and experience is what will make you excel in your job position, creating value, high-demand, and higher pay. Contact TechSherpas to get the valuable training you need to become an asset your company can’t refuse.