IT Learning Solutions with TechSherpas – an Overview

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IT Learning Solutions with TechSherpas – an Overview

A real IT expert needs constant learning and upkeep – we at TechSherpas offer you a set of different IT learning solutions that fit your organizational needs:

In-Classroom or Virtual IT Learning Solutions

You can participate in certification training and other IT classes either on campus or virtually from your own computer at home or the office. If you prefer the live in-classroom experience with like-minded fellow students, you can choose our facility here in Tampa, Florida, or one of our other training locations all over the United States.learning solutions

If you are not local to one of our training locations you have the choice between two different ways of course participation on a virtual/remote basis:

Beyond these options, we also offer customized on-site training at your own facility or location of your choice. If you are interested in further details or have any questions, please contact us.

On-Demand Learning

Our on-demand IT learning solutions give you the opportunity to build your training around your personal schedule. With prerecorded multimedia training units and a modular course structure, you can learn online at those times that work best for you. You can also choose your own study pace, and have the option to bundle courses.

Boot Camp Certification Courses

We provide many of our certification courses that prepare you for various IT certifications  in a “boot camp” format. This means an intensive training for several consecutive days. This means, you can prepare for a potentially career-boosting IT certification within a comparatively short time. With this learning solution you do not need to commit yourself to a training that might take several months, but can instead take a few vacation days off your usual occupation to reach your training goal. Our certified instructors offer you professional, hands-on instruction. Depending on the subject, our boot camp certification courses have a duration between five to nine days.

Further Course Information

Have a look at our current catalog of boot camp certification courses, on-demand training options and more. This will give you can get a better idea of your options. If you have any further questions – let us know!

Best U.S. Cities for Tech Positions

We’re always talking about all the great opportunities you can have in an IT career. The IT industry has endless possibilities, and is growing fast all over the United States. Even though we talk about the types of opportunities, in today’s nomadic society, you’re never limited to just one area. Here are some of the best cities right now to take your IT certification training in Florida.

Where Your IT Certification Training in Florida Will Take You

San Jose, California

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, this one is obviously a winner. San Jose has been a go-to location for those in the tech industry for years. Not only does the area provide plenty of tech jobs, but it is full of tech entrepreneurs and developers, so the networking and on-site education opportunities are endless.

San Francisco, California

California of course makes the list again with San Francisco.  The job market here tends to lead to more data oriented Tech positions, but with over a hundred thousand positions open on the market today, there is no shortage of tech careers.

Tampa, Florida

For young Tech professionals starting their career, there is no better place to go than Tampa Florida. Tampa has been named one of the best launching pads for Tech positions- and it’s not hard to see why. The city attracts a young audience of entrepreneurs and goal-oriented professionals. Many believe that after you have your first starter job your next career move should be Tampa.  Tech careers range from design to management to IT service.

Seattle, Washington

If the California cities on our list had you checking your wallet because of cost of living, you’ll love the opportunities available in Seattle, Washington.  Seattle is a perfect place to pursue a career and has a large number of opportunities available for Tech professionals.  Young professionals love the area because it has a more affordable cost of living than some of the higher-end tech areas with similar opportunities and advancements.

Austin, Texas

It seems like if an industry is growing, Austin catches on pretty quickly these days. This is definitely true for the tech industry, and opportunities in Austin are perfect for those looking to launch their career or take it to the next level. Being a more midsize city with a closer-knit Tech Community, the networking opportunities can give you an advantage when it comes to climbing the ladder.

With these great cities to choose from, you’re going to want your Tech Career to get started as soon as possible. Which city would you choose to pursue your career? Let us know in the comments below!


Certifications That Will Launch Your IT Career

The IT industry offers a number of exciting and lucrative career paths.  If you are looking to pursue a career in the IT industry, there are a number of ways to get started with IT certification training. Here are some IT certifications that will launch your career.

Launch Your Career with IT Certification Training

Comptia A+

This certification will teach you the basics and lay the groundwork for your IT career. This certification is a two-part program that covers the basics of computer technology, installation, hardware and networking, as well as installation and configuration of operating systems. The certification is well known as a stepping stone into the industry and will give you a great basis for burning and advancing in your career path.

Cisco Certified Network Associate

This certification lets your potential employers know that you can install, used, and configure switches and routers. You can also solve the common network problems.  If you’re seeking an in house career in it an on-call service of computers,  This IT certification training is a great way to get started. You can go on to become a network engineer or systems administrator, and you can specialize in areas such as security Voice or Wireless networking.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

Microsoft certifications are one of the most widely recognized certifications and open up innumerable doors in the IT industry.  This certification is offered in eight different areas, and is a great and important stepping stone to any IT career.


CompTIA certifications are the perfect certification for someone to get a taste of the opportunities available in the IT industry.  These are non-vendor specific certifications, so you leave with a general knowledge and widespread market access.

Breaking into the IT industry can be competitive but with the right tools you will have access to a widespread and diverse the five Market with ample opportunity for advancement.