What Your Citrix Certification Can Do For You

8 May, 2017 | Della Wyler | Careers in IT, IT Certifications
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Being Citrix Certified is a goal for any person working in the information technology field, be they an administrator or engineer. Citrix, on its own, is an innovator in the field of IT, known for its early contribution to Microsoft in the 90s. The company has continued to grow and become one of the biggest and most respected companies in the software industry.

 Find Out What A Citrix Certification Can Do for You

It comes as no surprise that when they offered a means for any IT track professional to measure their abilities when it comes to reliable Citrix solutions, they jumped at the opportunity. A Citrix certification is classified into three levels, associate, professional or expert. Being certified for each assures companies that you haven’t just studied theories, but you have real-world skills and experience to implement them.

To help you better understand just how useful have a Citrix certification can be, here are some of its benefits.

  • Builds up Your Professional Credibility

If you’re on the job hunt, this is a great way to differentiate yourself. A lot of people claim to be proficient with Citrix solutions on their resume, a certification can easily back up that claim. When a company sees that you are Citrix certified, they will instantly know that you provide added value to them because the certification marks a professional who is effective and competitive.

  • Helping You Get to That Next Level

If you have been working for a company for a while, and you finally want to get that promotion, having a Citrix certification could be the push that your company needs. This certification is one of the credentials that help firms decide who the best assets are for the company. If they have two equally great employees vying for the same promotion, they will most likely choose someone with a certification like this versus the one without it.

The logic behind that decision is that certified professionals are expected to have the technical knowledge that’s both complete and comprehensive in order to perform tasks in the company. This is your seal of versatility, convincing them that you have skills to handle a variety of projects.

  • Introducing you to More Opportunities

The opportunities come in two forms: your pick of a job anywhere in the world and a better pay scale. Because Citrix is used by companies all over the world, it serves as an assurance to any company that you are a credible professional. It doesn’t matter if the job you want is Japan or in Australia. Companies recognize this certification and will think favorably of you because of this.

Generally, Citrix certified professionals have a high average pay in the IT industry. This can be because they get the job that other IT professionals don’t, thanks to the push the Citrix certification gave, or because companies don’t have any problem giving them more pay and benefits because they’re more at ease knowing that a trained and competent individual is working for them.

What would you do with your Citrix certification?  Let us know in the comments below!