A Brief Overview of ITIL Certification Training

22 May, 2017 | Della Wyler | Careers in IT, IT Certifications
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Every company requires IT systems, such as corporate websites or a centralized corporate email to help it run. None of those functions – which are all integral for the company to deliver what customers expect – will work properly without proper IT services, like server and network administration. ITIL (which is an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is responsible for suggesting processes that the best fit throughout the formulation, development, implementation and support of any IT service in a company.

With an ITIL framework, a business is able to deliver their services in accordance with well-defined consistent processes. They constantly develop best practices, so the company is able to deliver a standard level of services. This doesn’t just enhance your inventory system and supply chain. It also improves the customer experience as a whole. With so many benefits, most companies use ITIL and expect any professional they hire to manage it to be by ITIL certified.

ITIL Certification Training

ITIL certification comes in 5 levels, namely: Foundation Certification, Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert, and Master. Each level requires a different training since newbies who take the foundation certification test only requires understanding the different life cycle stages and their relationship to each other, while masters have to be more comprehensive and considerate of many real life problems and limits.

For each level, you can access syllabi and study guides. You can even try online courses and training. At TechSherpas , we offer online training or if you prefer training that is more interactive and involves an instructor that can personally answer questions that may be asked during the certification process, you can enroll in instructor-led distance learning.

There is also training and courses that are taught in classrooms. If you’re a traditional learner and prefer the personal interaction with your instructor and other people in the class, you can try preparing for ITIL certification test in a classroom set-up at one of TechSherpas many locations. There is a variety of training approaches that you can choose from to make sure that you are prepared to take your certification exam.

One thing you do have to check is whether your training is an accredited ITIL training method or group. For more information, contact TechSherpas today and get your questions answered!