Tips for Learning New Technology

4 December, 2017 | Della Wyler | IT Certifications, Training & Education
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People now live in a fast-changing world where using technology is inevitable. Communication, marketing, health monitoring and even getting directions are driven by some form of technology. That’s great news for tech-savvy people who happily welcome the change that a more advanced world brings. However, this is a nightmare for people are not as in tune with using these new gadgets, apps, and programs.

Follow These Three Tips for Learning New Technology

If you’re one of those people, this article will prove useful. Here are a few tips you can try when faced with learning new technology.

Identify a goal that can motivate you.

Nothing can inspire you to do something outside of your comfort zone like a goal you feel passionate about. Define it concretely and visualize it. That way, when the going gets tough, you have something to look forward to. Seeing the bigger picture, what you want to get out of learning a particular technology, helps you move consistently in the direction.

For example, if you want to be settled, with your own home and car, by the time you’re 30, you need a thriving business. That will encourage you to study all the apps and tools, whether that MailChimp or Google AdWords, you need to market your business right. Every time you want to give up, just close your eyes and imagine that goal.

Learning for learning’s sake is great, but that rarely motivates anyone especially when there are more exciting things to do. Be ambitious and use that ambition to fuel your determination to learn the technology in front of you.

Come up with milestones.

Learning a new technology is a long road, filled with different segments to master. Find out what these segments are and focus on just one at a time. Breaking the task down makes it last daunting and easier to commit to.

Once you have the segments down, research. Figure out what makes it difficult for other people, why they give up learning it and what you can do to avoid that. If you’re trying to learn Photoshop, you can try using a couple of tools at a time and master them before moving on to the next set. At least, you won’t feel overwhelmed all of the functions and buttons available to you.

Watch how other people do it.

Not only will this make the process so much easier because you know what you’re doing, it also proves that it can be done. Instead of picking a technical manual to study a particular program or gadget, go online. Watch a few videos or read how-to guides. They usually break down the process of using an app or device, so it’s easier for beginners to get.