What You Need to Know About Windows 10

28 November, 2016 | Della Wyler | Microsoft, Windows 10
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If you are a Microsoft user, you know that many tech experts had issues with the format and technology of Windows 8.  As usual, Microsoft not only fixed the bugs, they came out with a bigger and better version.  The long anticipated Windows 10 has more features, is user friendly, and provides the latest in OS technology.  The new interface has many exciting things to unlock.  Here’s what our Microsoft official courseware instructors think you need to know about Windows 10.

Microsoft Official Courseware Providers Discuss Windows 10

The Return of the Start Menu

Windows 10 has brought back the very missed Start menu.  Now, you have the option between a higher tech version of the classic Start menu, and the Start screen that materialized in Windows 8.  You can customize your Start menu by pinning certain applications and programs to the Start menu.  You can add and remove items so that your Start menu gives you quick and customized access.

Multiple Desktops

You could always run a few apps at once on Microsoft.  You can run Word while running Google Chrome, and Excel.  Sometimes, though, this can get confusing.  Enter, the multiple desktop feature.  Now, you can use multiple desktops and flip between them with ease.  Tech professionals love and appreciate this addition, because it allows them to easily manage their workstation.

Fingerprint Locks

In the past, fingertip access was an external feature or built into your laptop.  Now, any touchscreen Windows 10 user can add extra security to their computer with fingerprint locks.  For tech professionals who handle sensitive and extensive material, this added level of security is a desirable feature.

Microsoft Edge

Say goodbye to Internet Explorer, and Hello to Microsoft Edge.  Internet explorer had multiple limitations that made it obsolete to industry professionals.  Now, Windows has developed Microsoft Edge, a newer, more updated browser with advanced features that bring it up to speed with other browsers of its kind.  It even allows extensions, one of the major missing components of IE.


If service is your favorite thing, Cortana is your own personal assistant.  This digital assistant feature enhances every aspect of Windows 10.  Among other capabilities, you can use Cortana to make requests, customization, and use voice command.

There is still much more to explore with Windows 10.  When you fully understand these basic new features, you will be on your way to mastering the operating system.  Windows 10 could be the ultimate platform of productivity.  Make sure you understand all that it can offer with our Microsoft official courseware programs.


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