Microsoft Windows Server 2016

12 December, 2016 | Della Wyler | IT Certifications, Microsoft
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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 became available to the public in October and is now being used by customers everywhere.  Our Tampa Microsoft training center is here to point out the new features with Windows Server 2016.

Tampa Microsoft Training Center Covers Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 has a variety of new features that bring users into the next stage of Windows technology.  Some of these features include:

Active Directory Federation Services

Active Directory Federation Services provides access control and single sign on across a wide variety of applications.  In Windows Server 2016, AD FS enables three new options for sign on without passwords.  This will allow businesses and organizations to avoid the risk of stolen or phished passwords.  It will also allow you access without a password for compliant devices, making sign-in easier for users.

Storage Spaces Direct

This features allows you to build available and adaptable storage by using servers with local storage.  This means that industry standard servers with local storage can now be used in a way that will be easier, more adaptable, and will allow organizations to use storage devices that were not able to be used in the past.  

Nano Server

Nano Server has been updated to include a module for building Nano Server images.  Nano Server has a much smaller installation footprint that the graphical user interface installation. If you are using the server, these updates make a convincing argument to using Nano.

  • There are less updates and reboots needed
  • It can be used across servers and physical sites
  • Nano hosts the most common Windows Server workloads
  • Nano is ideal for remote management


Microsoft and Docker development have worked together to bring you Docker-based containers.  This will allow you to isolate applications and services. The Windows Server Container is for workloads that are able to run on the same server without causing alarm.  This means they are low-trust.  Alternatively, the Hyper-V container is completely isolated.  This is for high-trust workloads.

Shielded VMs

Windows Server 2016 shielded VMs allow for better and more fine-tuned control over Hyper-V VM access.  You can even ensure that different Hyper-V admin groups can access only their designated VMs.  

Linux Secure Boot

Secure Boot is part of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface specification.  This protects a server during startup against boot-time malware.  You can now enact Linux VMs under Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V without having to disable the Secure Boot feature, which is a brand new capability.


These are just some of the new and exciting features in Microsoft 2016 Server, according to our Tampa Microsoft training center.