ArmyIgnitED – Utilizing Army Credentialing Assistance for Education Benefits

13 April, 2021 | Jennifer Driscoll | Careers in IT

Utilize Army Credentialing Assistance for Education Benefits

If you are an active service member in the Army now is the time to take advantage of an Army Education benefit that has replaced GoArmyED.

What is ArmyIgnitED?

ArmyIgnitED is the new credentialing system for what was Army Cool. ArmyIgnitED is one of the many military benefits available for active duty and army reserve candidates to utilize under the Army Credentialing AssistanceArmyIgnitED Program.

Who Qualifies for ArmyIgnitED

  • Regular Army
  • Active Guard/Reserve (AGR)
  • U.S. Army Reserve (USAR)
  • Army National Guard (ARNG)

This program offers military members the chance to pay for credentials that will enhance their skills and qualifications both during and after military service. ArmyIgnitED can provide up to $4,000 (per year) for courses and exams that lead to industry-recognized civilian credentials. Members may utilize this program to build on skills, either in their current MOS, or in an occupation they would like to pursue once they leave the military.

What Makes ArmyIgnitED So Appealing?

Whether home, or abroad, ArmyIgnitED provides unlimited access to educational opportunities, while providing flexibility to fit any type of learning style or schedule. Students are able to select between conventional or more modern methods of learning; such as:


Opportunities offered through education institutions and vendors that don’t adhere to a conventional timeline or schedule

Education Center

Regional courses provided in a classroom structure at a designated Education Center


Courses running at a vendor’s training site alongside other students

The goal of ArmyIgnitED is to allow members to gain new skills outside of their current MOS, to increase potential employment opportunities once discharged. Another perk of the ArmyIgnitED program is the ease of transition from military to civilian life.

How to use ArmyIgnitED for IT training?

All approved credentials listed for ArmyIgnitED are analyzed carefully and proven to be relevant to a military occupation and meets official credential standards. Many of the approved IT credentials include some of the most in-demand and top paying IT certifications.

TechSherpas 365 offers all-inclusive certification courses for Microsoft, Cybersecurity, CompTIA, Cisco, Amazon Web Services, Project Management and ITIL for eligible ArmyIgnitED credentials. View all of the current eligible training programs here.

ArmyIgnitED FamilyIn order to begin utilizing Army funding for IT training a member will need to:

  • Explore options on Cool
  • Align credentials to MOS/ASI or other pursuits
  • Select desired credential
  • Apply for Army Credentialing Assistance CA
  • Execute CA Request
  • Earn Credential

How to Apply for Credentialing Assistance:

All Credentialing Assistance (CA) requests will be processed through They will no longer be submitted or accepted through GoArmyEd. Please note, eligible Soldiers must submit CA requests at least 30 business days prior to the start date of the training or exam. All CA Requests must have a start date on or after 7 Oct 20.

Visit and click “get started.”

  • For questions about the Credentialing Program, contact your local Army Education Office or Center.
  • For questions on a) Status of your case or b) Policy Questions email
  • For technical issues call the ArmyIgnitED helpdesk at 1-877-272-1330.