Learning Methods

Training Delivery MethodsOnsite Private

We offer a variety of training delivery methods so that you can select the one that works best for your learning style and needs:


When it comes to quality instruction, TechSherpas 365 is in a league of its own. TechSherpas 365 instructors are among some of the best in the industry; each having a minimum of ten (10) years IT training / consulting / industry knowledge. Our instructors are world-class professionals with the depth and breadth in enterprise technologies that clients now require and expect. Our instructors are required to keep up with the latest certifications in the technologies they teach, so you can be confident that you are learning from a seasoned expert.

Hands-On Lab Access

All our courses come with hands-on labs.  Labs provide you with the ability to work in the actual environment you are learning for a real hands-on experience, not just one you read about or watch demos. Many of these labs are available for 12 months.

TechSherpas 365 accepts various training vouchers / learning credits (Microsoft, Cisco, Vmware, Citrix). These can be redeemed for training. Check with your training manager to see if your company has any to apply/redeem. Vouchers/credits do expire, so don’t let these go to waste.

Free Retakes

When you take a class with TechSherpas 365 you have the ability to retake the same course free of charge for up to 12 months. This is a great refresher option.