Cyber Security Class Training and Certification

Cyber Security Training & Certifications

The demand for IT professionals skilled in security remain at an all-time high as threats and attacks on organizational and individual data are on the rise. Certification is one measure of excellence and commitment to quality employers look for when selecting qualified individuals in this area. TechSherpas offers a variety of Cyber Security Certifications.

Each of our Cyber Security training courses comes with a certification exam voucher, which means after you complete the course, and pass the exam, you will have a certification in Cyber Security – one of the fastest growing areas of IT.

Cyber Security

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TechSherpas offers Mile2 Certifications. Mile2is a certification organization and an expert in the disciplines of ethical hacking, penetration testing, secure coding, web application testing, incident handling, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Mile2 strives to set a global standard for cyber security training by developing and implementing proprietary methodologies and labs in the cyber security space.

Mile2 is accredited and sponsored by NICCS – National Initiative For Cyber security Careers and Studies. Mile2 courseware has been approved by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) National Training Standards. The Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation (IACE) Program provides consistency in technology training and education for the information assurance industry. The NSA/CSS is home to America’s code makers and code breakers.