Get the fundamentals of Administering Windows Server

2 July, 2013 | Della Wyler | Training & Education
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Michael Jordan once said, “The minute you get away from fundamentals – whether its proper technique, work ethic or mental preparation – the bottom can fall out of your game, your schoolwork, your job, whatever you’re doing.” Learning fundamentals is important to success, no matter what you are learning. This applies to learning the various skills required to advance a career in IT, including Windows Server Administration. Those who go on to get deeper training and IT certifications, often realize great benefits with job security and financial gain. The point is they all started somewhere. They started with the fundamentals.

Learning the fundamentals of Microsoft Technologies


We all know how beneficial training can be, and how important fundamentals are. Once you decide you want to pursue a career in server technologies, certification can be your ticket to the position and pay you want. So you are one of those people who heard about the increase in demand for qualified IT professionals, and have decided to pursue a career in IT, but are just not sure where to start as this is unchartered territory. Well there is nothing wrong with that, and based on the fact that many successful business professionals are in fact looking for qualified IT professionals and support staff, you have made a wise decision.  It’s for this reason that Microsoft developed the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification. It’s the newest suite of technology certifications that validate fundamental knowledge needed to begin building a career using Microsoft technologies. This program provides an appropriate entry point to a future career in technology.

Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

Class 40365: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals is a 3-day Microsoft Office Course (MOC) training course that will not only prepare you for the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification, but it also provides you the with fundamental understanding of these topics:

  • Server Installation
  • Server Roles
  • Active Directory
  • Storage
  • Server Performance Management
  • Server Maintenance

The fundamental training in Windows Server will teach you to install and configure a Windows Server, manage server services and storage, monitor server performance, and set up file and print services. Other topics covered include:

  • Domain Name Service (DNS)
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP),
  • Web Server
  • Remote Access

Get the fundamental training so you can advance to the next


Once you have taken this windows server training course and receive your MTA certification, you are prepared and ready to advance to the next level of deepening your understanding of Microsoft technologies. The reinvented Microsoft certifications are separated into 4 different pathways, so depending on your career goals you will choose the certification path that will fit your development needs. Window server class 40365 falls within the Server Pathway, but rest assured that no matter what path you choose, you have the opportunity to participate in fundamental training courses and earn your MTA certification if you choose to do so:

  • Client – MTA – IT Infrastructure – 40349, 40365, 40366, 40367
  • Server – MTA – IT Infrastructure – 40349, 40365, 40366, 40367
  • Database – MTA – Database Fundamentals – 40364
  • Developer – MTA – Development Fundamentals – 40361, 40362, 40363, 40372, 40375

Once you take this course and get your MTA, you are free to move your way up the certification tree.

Upcoming Windows Server Administration Fundamentals Training Classes

This course is on our Guaranteed-to-Run schedule for 7/15-7/17, so there is still have time to register. You can visit the course page, or contact your TechSherpas Rep. There are also other dates available, so be sure to check out the complete schedule.

We also offer a list of other Windows Server classes, including: