How Cloud Storage Has Changed Technology

31 July, 2017 | Della Wyler | Cloud Technology, IT Security
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The concept of the cloud technology has been well-loved since it was first introduced, but very few truly understand what it is and the power it has to influence our daily lives. Basically, the cloud is responsible for any process that you don’t do or store on your own computer. If you’re accessing some remote server or computer to do a task, like save a big file, that’s the cloud. See, when the cloud first came into creation, it looked different and served limited functions. Now, it has morphed into a very useful technology that people can’t seem to live without.

How Cloud Technology Changed Our Lives

To fully understand just how much the cloud affects our day to day lives, here are some of the ways that cloud storage has changed the technology as we know today.

  • Quick and easy repairs or upgrades

From here on out, any technology linked to the cloud can be fixed with ease and almost zero intervention from their owners. That’s why when your car’s GPS needs updating, the cloud makes sure it’s able to quickly do that. The same goes for the apps in your phone and the accounts you maintain online.

This same feature is used by medical companies to remind technicians when they have to maintain specific medical equipment. To make their jobs even easier, there are even readily accessible manuals that would help them fix new equipment that they don’t have the expertise for.

  • Obscure and hands-free computers

The more you use the cloud, the more you’re contributing to spreading that same network. You have to understand that the cloud is nothing but a huge, well-maintained computer network. As the spreads, it is able to cover more functions and takes it off of users. You don’t have to manually update your apps, store your files or check the battery of your car. Everything will be tailor fitted to your needs. Slowly, you won’t have any use for bulky technology, thus the rise in popularity of hands-free devices.

  • Consumer-centric technology

Because there is more data readily available for different businesses to base their marketing approaches off of, like when you’re most likely to work or shop, their approach to sales will shift from quick conversion to building a relationship with their users. You can already observe this in bigger e-commerce sites where they give a lot of space to recommendations for what movie to watch, how to dress up certain clothes and so on.