How valuable is the MCSA SQL Server 2012 certification?

2 April, 2014 | Della Wyler | Microsoft, Training & Education
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Data is one of the most valuable resources to an organization, and because of advances in technology, data access, entry, tracking, and analysis have become easier and more efficient over the years. Get the skills and be the solution organizations need by becoming a SQL Server 2012 expert.

Data really powers everything that we do. This is why having a good database is so important, and why database designers and database analysts are such valuable team members. These highly desired skills can MCSA-SQL-Server-300x300be acquired through specialized data training and certification. Microsoft SQL training allows IT professionals to gain the skills they need to provide specialized solutions for the corporations and businesses they work for. Qualified IT professionals, who harness database design, administration, management, and analytical skills, have the ability to create solutions specific for an organization’s needs, which is crucial in obtaining the data they are looking for. Data is what drives important business decisions. Be the solution they are looking for by getting trained and certified in SQL Server 2012 – you can do all this in just 9 days with the MCSA SQL Server 2012 Certification Boot Camp.

There are actually three different certifications you can get to prove you are a SQL Expert:

1) MCSA: SQL Server 2012 – The MCSA certification confirms a mastery of core SQL Server 2012 skills in three areas: querying relational databases, administering databases and SQL Server instances, and implementing data warehouses. This is the starting point for other database certifications.

2) MCSE: Data Platform – The MCSE Data Platform certification requires a SQL Server 2012 MSCA certification and confirms additional advanced skills for developing databases and designing solutions.

3) MCSE: Business Intelligence – The MCSE Business Intelligence certification also requires a SQL Server 2012 MSCA certification and confirms additional advanced skills for implementing data models and reports and designing business intelligence solutions.

If you want to pursue the MCSE certifications, then you MUST obtain the MCSA certification first.

Microsoft MCSA SQL Certification
The Microsoft MCSA certifications prove that IT professionals have the ability to put Microsoft platforms, tools, and applications to use in a business environment. They are the stepping stones for the more advanced MCSE certifications. Earning a MCSA SQL Server 2012 certification, and acquiring the associated skill sets and knowledge, qualifies you for a position as a database developer or database analyst, with an average salary of about $90,000 and $73,000, respectively. Not too shabby! Probably worth the investment, don’t you think?

MCSA SQL Server 2012 Certification Boot Camp
The MCSA SQL Server 2012 Certification requires IT professionals to pass three exams, covering three main topics:

Course 10774: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Course 10775: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases
Course 10777: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012
By participating in certification training courses, students can better prepare themselves to ensure that they pass the associated exams to earn the MCSA. A Certification training boot camp class combines and condenses the required training, which saves time and money.

Sign-Up for MCSA SQL Server Certification Training
The TechSherpas MCSA SQL Server 2012 Certification Boot Camp covers topics from all three courses 10774, 10775, and 10777 and also includes:

100% Test Pass Guarantee
All course materials, practice exams and official certification exams
Onsite Pearson Vue Testing Center
Hands-on instruction by a certified instructor
Lunch provided each day (in-classroom delivery only)
Airfare, lodging and transportation packages available
This Boot Camp condenses 15 days of training into 9 days – getting students in and out with real SQL knowledge, skills, and best of all, a MCSA Certification, which again is a prerequisite for the two Database MCSE certifications.

The certification boot camp can be taken live from our training facility in Tampa, FL or students can remote into the live class, via RCI, and take it virtually from their home or office.

The next date to attend this MCSA SQL Boot Camp is coming up soon on 4/25. Click here to see the other class dates, and sign up.