Tech Industry Terms You’ll Want to Know

25 September, 2017 | Della Wyler | Uncategorized
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Ever been in a room with people more advanced in your career than you?  Does it feel like they are speaking a different language?  In the IT industry, there are certain terms which are commonly used that most people, especially newbies to the career path, don’t know.

IT Career Building Starts with Knowing This Lingo

If you are focused on IT career building, here are some terms you should know and understand.


Embedding is when you put social media content onto a webpage. For example, if you were to see a YouTube video on a website, or a comments feed, that would be embedding. Although this requires coding, most social media sites will generate and supply you with the code you need to embed your content.

Call to Action

A call to action is a term used to describe anything that asks the visitor to take action. These are used as a marketing tool to try to convert viewers into buyers and can consist of anything ranging from a comment on a blog to a website banner asking the viewer to click for more information.

Data Mining

This is the strategy of examining large amounts of data to analyze the behavior and actions of website visitors. This information can be used to boost activity on your site, or to start tailoring your site to the people who are attracted to specific images or topics.

Website Optimization

Site optimization is a long-term process which employs multiple strategies to improve interaction on the site and convert viewers into buyers.  This could include strategic methods to attract the browser to specific areas of the site, or just making the website easier to navigate in general.

PPI (Pixels Per Inch)

This is the density of an image, and is used to describe the amount of pixels per inch on a display.  A higher PPI count equals a sharper image.  In many cases, there is a minimum PPI for certain projects, such as print marketing or certain online advertisements.


This is a language, used to alter documents created with HTML and add style to them.  This is the next step after HTML which is used to create the layout, color and font of the page.

What terms have you learned so far in the tech industry?   Show off your tech-savvy lingo by writing your favorite tech term in the comments below!


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