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This instructor lead course presents the JavaScript and jQuery skills that you need in a manageable progression, this course is divided into three sections.

The first part of this course covers an introduction to JavaScript. When you finish this section, you’ll have a solid set of JavaScript skills, especially the skills that help you get the most from jQuery.

After you learn the JavaScript essentials, you will cover the jQuery skills that every web developer should have. You will cover the core jQuery skills followed by a focus on effects and animations, forms and data validation, jQuery plugins, and jQuery UI widgets. Finally, you will learn how to use Ajax and JSON so you can get data from a web server and add it to a web page without reloading the entire page.

We will conclude the class by covering topics to take your JavaScript skills to the next level of expertise. You will learn how to use numbers, strings, dates…how to handle exceptions and use regular expressions…when and how to use browser objects, cookies, web storage, and arrays…and how to create and use your own objects.