On-Demand FAQ

Q: What is the new MOC on-demand product Microsoft is introducing?

A: Microsoft is introducing a new on-demand training product available through its partners. The MOC On-Demand product is a self-paced online training experience that includes video, hands-on labs, exercises, reading and knowledge checks. The customer experiences all of this through an on-demand course player streamed to his/her device.


Q: What is the name of this new on-demand training product?

A: Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand (MOC On-Demand).


Q: When is MOC On-Demand available and where can I purchase?

A: MOC On-Demand is available for purchase as of January 12, 2016. You can only purchase MOC On-Demand from a Microsoft Learning Partner, such as TechSherpas 365 .


Q: What are the current purchase options?

A: There are currently four options:

  1. For an additional low price, you can supplement the MOC instructor-led training by purchasing the MOC On-Demand as an add-on/bundle.
  2. Basic On-Demand
  3. Standard On-Demand
  4. Premium On-Demand


Q: Is MOC On-Demand right for you?

A: On-Demand training is best suited for those IT Professionals and Developers looking to train on Microsoft technologies who cannot take time away from work and/or prefer to learn at their own pace.


Q: What is the course structure of MOC On-Demand?

A: Each MOC On-Demand course is made up of self-paced video modules that map to the MOC flow, 3 to 8 minutes in length each, with short knowledge check assessments at the end of each module. Upon course completion a longer Course Assessment gauges student knowledge retention.


Q: Will MOC On-Demand be sold by course or by module?

A: MOC On-Demand is sold only as a complete course. You can browse modules as needed.


Q: What about labs?

A: Hands-on, Microsoft Labs Online are included with the MOC On-Demand product.


Q: Is print MOC or dMOC (digital Microsoft Official Courseware) (digital Microsoft Official Courseware) included with MOC On-Demand?

A: If bundled with the instructor-led MOC course as an add-on, you will use the MOC or DMOC you select for that course. If you purchase MOC On-Demand Basic, courseware is included with the On-Demand product and will only be accessible for 90 days. DMOC is included with the Standard and Premium packages, which means you have lifetime access to the course material.


Q: How do I use the MOC On-Demand product once purchased?

A: Once you purchase a MOC On-Demand course, you will receive an email from TechSherpas within 24 hours with an access code (the same process as with Digital MOC). You will then access the MOC On-Demand from a learning dashboard that will list your purchases and courses.


Q: Who is presenting the material in MOC On-Demand videos?

A: The individual(s) in the MOC On-Demand videos are official Microsoft representatives presenting content that aligns with the MOC version of the course. The content presented is authored by MCTs and Microsoft subject matter experts.


Q: How long is each course?

A: Each MOC On-Demand title is 30 to 40 hours of training content, including Microsoft hands-on labs.


Q: How long will clients have access to an online course?

A: MOC On-Demand access codes allow for 90 days of course access from the time of code redemption.


Q: What languages are supported?

A: MOC On-Demand training is initially offered in English only. Microsoft is exploring localization options.


Q: Will the videos contain subtitles?

A: All MOC On-Demand courses will have English subtitles. Microsoft is exploring localization options.


Q: What content is delivered in a MOC On-Demand course?

A: In many ways, the new on-demand training product is structured similarly to MOC, with similar pacing and objectives covered within a course. Course titles available and course names will also mirror MOC. The objective of MOC On-Demand is to provide customers with the in-depth skills necessary to fully utilize Microsoft technologies.


Q: Will a student be Microsoft certified after completing a MOC On-Demand course and passing the last knowledge check?

A: No. The knowledge checks are an excellent way to ensure the student has learned the material, but they are not certification exams. The student will still have to take and pass a Microsoft Certification exam to be certified.


Q: Will the student receive a certificate of completion to prove course completion? What about gamification or badges?

A: A student will have the ability to print or save a completion certificate to show course completion. Gamification is planned for the future, but will not be a part of the January 12, 2016 launch.


Q: How will MOC On-Demand content differ from unofficial video content available elsewhere?

A: There’s no better source for content than the people who wrote the software. MOC On-Demand is official Microsoft content authored, presented and produced by Microsoft approved persons. MOC On-Demand also includes Microsoft-hosted hands-on labs.


Q: Can SATV be used for MOC On-Demand?

A: Customers who have SATV benefits do have the ability to redeem SATV’s for MOC On-Demand through Microsoft Learning Partners, such a TechSherpas 365 . Refer back to the On-Demand web page to view pricing.