Course Duration: 12 hours 22 minutes

This Microsoft MCSA: SQL Server Solutions Associate On-Demand Course includes:

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  • VISUAL DEMONSTRATIONS & MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS: Instructor-led demonstrations and visual presentations that allow students to develop their skills based on real world scenarios explained by the instructor.
  • QUIZZES & EXAM SIMULATORS: Custom practice exams prepare you more effectively than the traditional exam preps on the market. Practice quizzes after each module ensures confidence on the topic before proceeding.
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Audience Profile

This class is intended for SQL Server database administrators, implementers, system engineers, and developers with two or more years of experience, who are seeking to prove their skills and knowledge in writing queries, installation and maintenance of database systems, as well as, creating business intelligence (BI) solutions including data cleansing, Extract Transform Load (ETL), and Data Warehouse implementation.  It is also for those database professionals who perform installation, maintenance, and configuration tasks. Other responsibilities include setting up database systems, making sure those systems operate efficiently, and regularly storing, backing up, and securing data from unauthorized access. ETL and data warehouse developers who create Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, and whose responsibilities include data cleansing, and Extract Transform Load and data warehouse implementation, are also good candidates.

At Course Completion:

After completing this class, students will be able to:

  • Write SELECT queries
  • Query multiple tables
  • Use built-in functions
  • Use subqueries
  • Execute stored procedures
  • Use set operators
  • Implement error handling
  • Implement transactions
  • Use table expressions
  • Sort and filter data
  • Use window ranking, offset and aggregate functions
  • Query SQL Server metadata
  • Program with T-SQL
  • Improve query performance
  • Plan and install SQL Server.
  • Create SQL Server Backups.
  • Restore SQL Server databases.
  • Use the import/export wizards and explain how they relate to SSIS.
  • Work with SQL Server security models, logins and users.
  • Work with fixed server roles, user-defined server roles, fixed database roles and user-defined database roles.
  • Work with permissions and the assignment of permissions.
  • Work with SQL Server Audit.
  • Work with SQL Server Agent, jobs and job history.
  • Implement SQL Server agent security, proxy accounts and credentials.
  • Configure database mail, alerts and notifications.
  • Create database maintenance plans.
  • Work with SQL Profiler and SQL Trace stored procedures.
  • Introduce DMVs and the configuration of data collection.
  • Work with Central Management Servers and Multi-Server queries, Virtualization of SQL Server and Data-Tier Applications.
  • Troubleshoot SQL Server databases.
  • Describe data warehouse concepts and architecture considerations.
  • Select an appropriate hardware platform for a data warehouse.
  • Design and implement a data warehouse.
  • Implement Data Flow in an SSIS Package.
  • Implement Data Flow in an SSIS Package.
  • Debug and Troubleshoot SSIS packages.
  • Implement an SSIS solution that supports incremental DW loads and changing data.
  • Integrate cloud data into a data warehouse ecosystem infrastructure.
  • Implement data cleansing by using Microsoft Data Quality Services.
  • Implement Master Data Services to enforce data integrity at source.
  • Extend SSIS with custom scripts and components.
  • Deploy and Configure SSIS packages.
  • Describe how information workers can consume data from the data warehouse.

Create Database Objects

  • Create and alter tables using T-SQL syntax (simple statements).
  • Create and alter views (simple statements).
  • Design views.
  • Create and modify constraints (simple statements).
  • Create and alter DML triggers.

Work with Data

  • Query data by using SELECT statements.
  • Implement sub-queries.
  • Implement data types.
  • Implement aggregate queries.
  • Query and manage XML data.

Modify Data

  • Create and alter stored procedures (simple statements).
  • Modify data by using INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.
  • Combine datasets.
  • Work with functions.

  Troubleshoot & Optimize

  • Optimize queries.
  • Manage transactions.
  • Evaluate the use of row-based operations vs. set-based operations.
  • Implement error handling.

Install and Configure

  • Plan installation.
  • Install SQL Server and related services.
  • Implement a migration strategy.
  • Configure additional SQL Server components.
  • Manage SQL Server Agent.

Maintain Instances and Databases

  • Manage and configure databases.
  • Configure SQL Server instances.
  • Implement a SQL Server clustered instance.
  • Manage SQL Server instances.

Optimize and Troubleshoot

  • Identify and resolve concurrency problems.
  • Collect and analyze troubleshooting data.
  • Audit SQL Server instances.

Manage Data

  • Configure and maintain a back up strategy.
  • Implement and maintain indexes.
  • Import and export data.

 Implement Security

  • Manage logins and server roles.
  • Manage database permissions.
  • Manage users and database roles.
  • Troubleshoot security.

Implement High Availability

  • Implement AlwaysOn.
  • Implement database mirroring.
  • Implement replication.

Design and Implement a Data Warehouse

  • Design and implement dimensions.
  • Design and implement fact tables.

Extract and Transform Data

  • Define connection managers.
  • Design data flow.
  • Implement data flow.
  • Manage SSIS package execution.
  • Implement script tasks in SSIS.

 Load Data

  • Design control flow.
  • Implement package logic by using SSIS variables and parameters.
  • Implement control flow.
  • Implement data load options.
  • Implement script components in SSIS.

Configure and Deploy SSIS Solutions

  • Troubleshoot data integration issues.
  • Install and maintain SSIS components.
  • Implement auditing, logging, and event handling.
  • Deploy SSIS solutions.
  • Configure SSIS security settings.

Build Data Quality Solutions

  • Install and maintain Data Quality Services.
  • Implement master data management solutions.
  • Create a data quality project to clean data.