Where to Bring Your Cisco Training

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Where to Bring Your Cisco Training

TechSherpas offers all kinds of valuable training programs. One of these programs is the Cisco training in Jacksonville, FL. Cisco certifications prove that you can use the networking and business communication devices from Cisco Systems. Although this is valuable training on its own, you are most likely taking this course because you want to advance and your career.  

Here’s What to Do with Your Cisco Training in Jacksonville, FL

Cisco breaks down their certifications into eight different paths.  These paths are meant to guide you based on the career you wish to get out of your training.  Here’s a brief overview of the types of job you should take your Cisco training to.

Installation and Support

If you where are the routing and switching Cisco certification path, you should look for jobs installing and supporting Cisco networks containing land and when routers and switches.


If you’ve taken the Design Cisco certification path, you are looking for a career in design.  These professionals design Cisco networks in which LAN and WAN routers and switches reside.

Secure Network Design and Implementation

Cisco has a Network Security certification path.  This path is meant to educate network professionals who design and implement Cisco secure networks.

Infrastructure or Access Solutions

If you took the service provider path, you’re looking to work with Infrastructure or Access solutions in a Cisco environment.  This often points to those in telecommunications.

Complex Service Provider Network Management

When you take the Service Provider operations path, you’re seeking a career in managing, maintaining, and troubleshooting complex service provider networks.  The Cisco training in Jacksonville, FL is vigorous, but the knowledge you gain is highly sought after and leads to an excellent career.

Install and Maintain VoIP Networks

This is the type of career you are looking for if you opt for the Voice Cisco certification path.  It’s for Network Professionals who install and maintain voice over IP networks.

Wireless Networks

The Wireless Cisco Certification path is the path of choice when you are looking for a career in wireless services.  This path is for professionals who configure, implement, and support wireless networks.  

With these certification paths, you can tailor your Cisco certification so that it provides the proper background to be a perfect launch for your career. In the IT profession, Cisco certified professionals are among the highest paid in the world.  Make sure you choose the right path for your future career!  Speak to a consultant at TechSherpas for more guidance.