How Cloud Technology Can Help You Achieve Your Business Objectives

27 February, 2017 | Della Wyler | Careers in IT, Cloud Technology
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Having the latest in technology puts you ahead in business. You can accomplish more, learn more, and serve your clients better if you are up to date on the latest services, software and hardware. So, it is no surprise that having the latest in Cloud technology can help you achieve your business objectives. Here’s how Cloud technology skills and Tampa IT training can increase productivity and help you achieve your business objectives.

Tampa IT Training Experts Talk About the Value of Cloud Technology


In the past, before Cloud technology, there were three collaboration scenarios you would most likely end up with.

Scenario 1:  Tom works on a document and sends it to Jane. Jane looks over the document and takes notes. She then puts those notes into an email to send back to Tom. Tom updates the document with the changes and sends his feedback to Jane, if the changes were not already made. Back and forth they go until the final document is completed.

Scenario 2:   Tom sends Jane a document that he has worked on. Jane takes the document and makes the proper changes, and sends it back to Tom to let him know what changes are made.

Scenario 3:  Tom sends Jane a document, and Tom and Jane discuss the document at a meeting and make notes. The responsible party then uses the notes from the meeting to update the document and complete it.

With cloud technology, the transaction is much simpler.  Tom uploads the document into the cloud. Jane and Tom can both make notes on the document and change the document as needed. The Cloud is automatically updating the document as the changes are made so the final version is complete.


If you’ve ever worked on a large project and saved the documents to your computer, you probably know exactly what it feels like to sift through multiple versions of the same document and tried to find the most recent version. This is not only inefficient, it can also result in you losing important changes if you pull up the wrong document, or looking  unorganized if you refer to the inappropriate document when using it as a reference.  With the cloud, you only ever have one version of your document. This means that you always have the latest version- guaranteed.

The Cloud makes everything more efficient, and being up to date on the latest in Cloud technology will put you ahead in your business.  How do you use the Cloud?


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