The Value of CompTia Training

12 February, 2018 | Della Wyler | CompTIA, IT Certifications
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Not all IT certifications are created equal. Anyone who teaches anything can theoretically issue a certificate when their students have successfully attended whichever course had been created. Therefore, the worth of a certificate depends at least partially on the reputation and credentials of the person/organization/entity that has issued it.

CompTIA Certifications Can Bring You Further in Your Career

So, whether you are a freelancer or looking for employment: If you want to get ahead in your chosen career field, it helps to not only study and train in order to achieve the necessary skills but to get officially certified in order to reflect this. You also want the certification to be

  • done by a reputable source
  • with a high recognition value
  • vendor-neutral

These criteria – among other benefits – are all met by:

CompTIA – The Computing Technology Industry Association

CompTIA certifications rank among the information technology industry’s leading trade associations and issues vendor-neutral professional certification on for different levels – from entry- to expert-level. They are well established, having developed their own IT certification series as early as the 1990ies, and they are well-known by those people you want to review your credentials: future employers and clients.

They also know what kind of skill-set they can expect from a CompTIA certified candidate, which provides a sense of security when it comes to identifying the right people for the job.

Information Technologies – CompTIA Education, Training and Certification

When choosing CompTIA or a member of their CompTIA Authorized Partner Program, people interested in computer and IT have various options to develop and enhance their knowledge.

CompTIA certification covers the basics as well as various specialized, advanced options

  • IT Fundamentals
  • A+
  • Network+
  • Security+

The best choice of these options depend on whether the specialized interests/career plans lie more in the areas of IT infrastructure

  • Linux+
  • Server+
  • Cloud+

or cyber security

  • CySA+
  • CASP

There is also a selection of additional certificates in the areas of:

  • Project+
  • Cloud Essentials
  • CTT+

This means, that your set of IT-related skills, as well as your career path, can evolve by following a system of certificates that are built upon one another and provide you with a well-rounded IT education and corresponding advanced career chances.

It is not all about computer networks: With CompTIA alumni, there is also the opportunity for networking and staying connected outside the actual certification process – another important factor for IT specialists on their career path. There is even the possibility of opting for a career within the CompTIA team as such, by becoming one of their so-called “Subject Matter Experts” (SMEs).

CompTIA Certification Expiration

Another benefit of the CompTIA certifications, at least from an employer’s point of view:

While previously issued CompTIA certificates did not expire, they (i.e. those issued since 2011) meanwhile have an expiration time of three years and therefore need to be renewed after three years (or need a certain amount of documented practice/continued education that counts towards the certification renewal).

This ensures, that the individuals with these certificates stay up-to-date with their respective IT skills – something that is of particular importance in the area of computers and information technology – a field which is constantly and rapidly evolving.