If you can’t go live, RCI! Live virtual training via Remote Classroom Instruction

7 June, 2013 | Della Wyler | Training & Education, Virtual Training
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Technology is constantly improving the way people do business, how businesses operate, and how people communicate. It has also had a very positive impact on education within the classroom, and has expanded the delivery methods available to students and instructors. Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI) is one way technology has been integrated into classrooms, especially in the IT training and education industry.  Also known as Virtual Live training (VLT), RCI connects multiple locations, enabling instructors to provide live training to students at various different locations world-wide, simultaneously.

What is RCI?

Sometimes a second computer is used so that you can see the live presentation while using the other one to complete the labs. What you will need is an internet connection, as well as speaker phone or hand-free device to free up those digits. Web cams are also available to you, so don’t lose the human touch putting a face to the voice.Train in your PJs if you want to! RCI allows students to get live instructor led IT training from the comfort of their own homes. They can also choose to get the training straight from their desk at work, or at a designated training facility in their city. Not to be confused with a webinar, virtual training via Remote Classroom Instruction is live online training. It’s a live class, delivered by a live instructor, but students don’t actually need to be present to get the benefits of live instruction. They get these benefits virtually. Using remote desktop technology, students have the ability to log into and control a PC from inside the live class. This means as an RCI student you don’t even have to have the software being utilized during the training class. It is provided for you. Just a few click and you are logged into the live session.  Web conferencing allows you to see Instructors desktop as he or she provides presentations, demonstrations, example, and discussions. Join in the conversation, ask questions, and interact just as you would if you were physically in the live class. The instructor can also remote into your computer at any time, if you need help with something.

Click here to watch our brief video on virtual training via RCI.

Benefits of RCI

Class cancellations are a top concern by students. Students sign up for classes that they are truly interested in or need. Naturally, you would be upset if a class you needed was cancelled, right? Well RCI has significantly reduced class cancellations across the training industry.

Choosing RCI as a delivery method for your IT education can be a very frugal decision. Travels cost can be significant, especially if you have to travel out of town, purchase plane tickets, accommodations, and local transit.

Virtual training benefits include:

  • Saves money! Decreases your training/travel budget.
  • Saves time! No additional time spent traveling to training facilities.
  • Training when you need it! Prevents students from having to push training out to another date due to scheduling issues.
  • Less cancellations.
  • Live and interactive experience.  Live online training allows for a more personal training experience, as compared to pre-recorded or non-interactive classes.

When is RCI right for you?

Although RCI provides a solution for many and has high satisfactory rates among our students, this type of delivery method may not be the best option for everyone. Those who lack some basic computer skills, such as switching between documents, opening and saving files from application, and locating the task manager and start menu, may still want to participate in the live class. In addition, those who have a hard time following the English language should also consider the live class over virtual training. RCI is meant to provide a solution for students, making training more convenient and effective for their particular needs. It should not cause added stress or complications.

Virtual training via RCI with TechSherpas


TechSherpas was one of the first to implement RCI.  When you browse our course schedules, you will notice that every class offers these two delivery methods – ILT (Live, instructor-led training in classroom) andVLT (Live, instructor-led training delivered virtually). The VLT option is made available trhough RCI. Our conferencing is done via VOIP (voice over internet protocol) so to fully experience the course a headset or microphone & speakers are required. We have fully adopted the use of VOIP for RCI, as you may have noticed that nowadays many people don’t own a home phone. This would present a problem with the phone conferencing option.

A few days before your class is scheduled to begin, our hands-on Operations team sends each student detailed step-by-step instructions on how to access RCI. It’s recommended that you test your connections a few days prior to your class beginning, and not wait until the last minute.  The Operations team is available to answer any questions or trouble-shoot for anyone who needs assistance.

If you are getting training through RCI at one of our training facilities located throughout the US, all you have to do it show up. We control all the technical aspects of the room software and hardware set-up. Just show up and get ready to learn!

Microsoft Lync is the cool tool we use to deliver the live presentation to you. GoToMyPC is used by the students to complete the labs.

RCI is just one learning method we provide. The others include:

Do people prefer virtual training over other delivery methods?

Our students have shown high regards towards RCI training, been satisfied with the delivery and content, and have expressed their intent do it again – in fact, many have! In one of our more recent student surveys, they left this note, “This was my first virtual-classroom course. Although I was skeptical at first, it worked out very well.”


Don’t knock it until you try it! If you have not tried virtual training yet, we encourage you to go ahead and give it a run. You may be thinking that you really prefer to physically be at the live instructor led class, but you may find this to be a more convenient option for you. We live in a fast paced society where there never seems to be enough hours in the day. The RCI option gives you the opportunity to fit training in your schedule without unnecessary travel cost, time, and scheduling troubles.

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