The New CompTIA A+: ALL Your Questions Answered

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The New CompTIA A+: ALL Your Questions Answered

comptia a+CompTIA A+ first launched in 1993, and since 2001 has been refreshed every three years to ensure the topics covered keep pace with what’s happening in IT. Employers, subject-matter experts and IT pros working in the field guide us in what they look for in help desk technicians, technical support specialists and other jobs related to CompTIA A+ to make sure we’re covering the skills that are needed in today’s world. With the launch of the new CompTIA A+ came many questions, so we’ve set out to answer them here. Keep reading to learn more about the CompTIA A+ Core Series (220-1001 and 220-1002), and post any additional questions in the comments to keep the conversation going.

What’s on the new CompTIA A+ exams?

The CompTIA A+ Core Series (220-1001 and 220-1002) provides a foundation for a number of different IT jobs and helps entry-level IT pros prepare for the jobs of the future.

In addition to topics you might traditionally associate with tech support, the new CompTIA A+ has an increased emphasis on cybersecurity, including malware, as well as cloud technologies, virtualization, the internet of things (IoT), network protocols and troubleshooting.

It also covers the basics of scripting so that help desk technicians and technical support specialists understand what they’re looking at when they encounter code.

CompTIA A+ continues to emphasize problem solving within a technology context. Employers want IT pros who can think critically and approach problems systematically to find a solution. Having CompTIA A+ shows employers that you have the hands-on skills and proof of your ability to solve technology problems.

How can I train for CompTIA A+?

Start by downloading the exam objectives and practice tests to understand what topics are covered and get examples of questions that you might see.

TechSherpas 365 offers a full suite of training solutions for both self-study and instructor-led learning:

  • eLearning: CompTIA CertMaster Learn offers 40+ hours of engaging content with 10 lessons, including interactive performance-based questions. The platform includes narrative instruction, visual aids, videos, games, flashcards and more. A personalized dashboard and countdown calendar help you track your progress and keep you on pace for your scheduled exam.
  • Hands-On Skills Practice: CompTIA Labs are browser-based virtual labs based on scenarios found in the workplace, including configuring operating systems, troubleshooting networks and managing users, workstations and shared resources. The labs within each course are independent of each other and can be used in any order.
  • Exam Prep and Practice Tests: CompTIA CertMaster Practice is an adaptive knowledge assessment tool that determines what you have already mastered and what you still need to learn to improve your confidence before taking the exam. The system tailors feedback to help you build knowledge in your weaker areas, keeping you engaged and focused throughout your study session.
  • Books: The Official Study Guides for CompTIA A+, offered in both print and digital form, help you learn and master the material covered by CompTIA A+. It’s flexible so you can learn at your own pace and focus on exam success.
  • Courses: If you prefer to learn with guidance from an instructor, TechSherpas 365 offers a variety of online training and in-person courses.

Top 5 Advantages of Instructor-Led Virtual Live Training

training banner2

Let’s face it- We’re living in a virtual world, now, more than ever before. Social distancing is the new norm, and everything from gym classes to conferences to happy hour with friends is being taken online. Current climate aside, Instructor-Led Virtual Live Training (VLT) has been around for decades, and in recent years it has surpassed other delivery methods to become the leading learning option for IT professionals. Major technological advancements in the past 5 years, including widespread adoption of the Cloud, as well as changes to how people work and live, have contributed to the rising popularity of VLT.

There are a multitude of reasons an increasing number of IT pros are choosing VLT as their preferred learning method. Since 1995, TechSherpas 365 has provided virtual training to thousands of students. We’ve surveyed our students and instructors and compiled a list of the Top 5 Advantages of Virtual Live Training:

1) Best of All Worlds

  • VLT enables you to experience the benefits of both traditional classroom and on-demand training rolled into one:
    • Access to same courseware materials, hands-on labs, test prep as a traditional in-classroom course.
    • Training is still live, instructor-led and interactive, just like in-classroom training, you just can’t high 5 the instructor at the end of the day.
    • In addition to benefiting from live training, the sessions are recorded so you have the added bonus of being able to revisit specific modules, days, or even the whole class at a later time if needed.
    • Earning your certification? Even your official exam can be virtually proctored – No need to go to a physical test center.

2) Convenience & Ease of Attendance

  • Attend from the comfort and convenience of your home, office, or location of your choice. No need for costly travel or time-consuming commutes.
  • In addition to saving time on travel, you can opt to attend a class in a different time zone. This can add flexibility to your schedule, by allowing you to start training earlier or later in the day, giving you hours before or after training to attend to other work or personal tasks and priorities.
  • VLT enables students with physical handicaps and social anxiety to receive the training and certifications they need, while removing common obstacles to attending a live, instructor-led course.

3) Seamless Technology

  • Our Virtual Live Training technology platform is so easy and seamless. The only requirements on your end are a pc/laptop and a good internet connection.
  • All materials and labs are in the cloud; no need to install any special software or programs.

4) Enhanced Features

  • VLT offers many enhanced and added features that you don’t get from traditional in-classroom or on-demand courses, such as:
    1. Live chat – Chat one-on-one with the instructor and/or other students, as well as participate in group chat. Have a question, but don’t want to disrupt the lecture? You can ‘raise your hand’ in the chat, or simply type out your question in the chat so the instructor can address it at the next stopping point.
    2. Document sharing – Download and upload files and documents. Take advantage of collaborative documents to share class notes, etc.
    3. Class recording – the sessions are recorded so you have the added bonus of being able to revisit specific modules, days, or even the whole class at a later time if needed.
    4. Screen sharing – Share your screen with the rest of the class or with just the instructor, if you’d like. Need help with a lab? You can also give the instructor permission to take over control for assistance.
    5. Audio and Video – Just like a traditional in-classroom course, VLT offers video and audio options so you can see, hear, and interact with other students and the instructor. Bad hair day, attending training in your pajamas, like listening to rock n’ roll while you’re learning? You also have the ability to turn your video off/mute your audio- which can be a handy option you can’t get from an in-classroom course.

5) Social Engagement

  • VLT enables you to engage and interact with your peers both during and after class hours.
  • Learn through other student’s background and experiences by participating in class discussions and group activities.
  • Choose to participate in after-hours study sessions, meet ups and group chats.
  • Stay connected after training ends through our social channel.
  • VLT removes geographical and cultural barriers, empowering students to connect with peers with similar roles and interests they would have never had the opportunity to meet through traditional in-classroom training.

TechSherpas 365 offers 100s of IT courses in today’s most popular software and technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Cisco, CompTIA, Google, Microsoft, VMware and more. All of our instructor-led dates offer the VLT attendance option. Don’t allow the current climate of ‘social distancing’ to prevent you from upgrading your tech skills, experience and certification… Join thousands of other IT professionals and register for your next training course via Instructor-Led Virtual Live Training (VLT)… Get Trained, Get Certified, Get Going!

Which of our Virtual Learning Solutions Works Best for You?

Virtual LearningIf you have already looked at our course cataloge and various learning methods and solutions, you will have come across two different virtual learning solutions that we offer:

Both methods allow you to participate in our IT learning courses remotely: from the comfort of your own computer at home, or alternatively at the office. This means that you can save time as well as costs, because you do not have to travel to any particular training location.

Virtual Live Training: Virtual Learning with a Classroom Experience

The main difference between the two methods lies in the scheduling of your study time:

As the name indicates, the student’s participation in the “Virtual Live Training” (or short “VLT”) takes place live, i.e. in real time. The students are part of the same class that is being held at one of the various TechSherpas training facilities on that particular date. The Virtual Live Training participants attend remotely via VOIP technology, and can still benefit from the experience of a classroom environment:

  • Interaction: The students can listen, as well as, ask the instructor questions, just like in a regular class. If necessary, the instructor can even view and take control of the distant desktop with the help of remote desktop software.
  • Face-to-Face experience: With the help of webcams, the students can look at their instructor, as well as, at other students who are attending the class on-site.

Benefiting from the “live” format means that you have to choose among various predetermined dates and adhere to a fixed schedule. This might mean less flexibility regarding your time planning, but the benefit of added flexibility when it comes to class interaction and the option of asking the instructor direct questions.

On-Demand Learning: Virtual Learning when it suits you best

The option of On-Demand Learning offers the greatest flexibility in respect to your learning schedule. This can be a major advantage to those students who need to fit their continuing education into their busy workweek, around family obligations – or both.

The classes consist of prerecorded videos plus exercises. Therefore, there is no instructor present in real-time to answer any questions, but this method allows the participants to set their own study pace. They can pause the videos and take the next lesson when it suits them best.

This scheduling flexibility is probably the deciding criteria when it comes to choosing which of the two remote, virtual learning methods is the best for you. However, if the option of instructor interaction is of particular importance to you, you might want to “test-drive” our On-Demand Learning offer first: Simply send us an email to, and we will send you a special Course Demo Code so you can give it a try.

Sources and further reading:

PMP Certification – Become a Certified Project Management Professional

The Product Management Professional certification (in short: PMP certification) is a credential issued by the Project Management Institute (“PMI”). According to PMI, this certification is intended for professionals who:

  • perform the duties of a project manager (under general supervision) and are “responsible for all aspects of the pmp certificationproject for the life of the project”
  • “lead and direct cross-functional teams to deliver projects within the constraints of schedule, budget, and scope”
  • “appropriately apply a methodology to projects that have reasonably well-defined requirements and deliverables”

Requirements for PMP Certification Candidates

You can achieve many certifications by participating in the training courses and then taking the exam. However, in order to be eligible to become a certified Project Management Professional you have to meet certain requirements first. These requirements concern your educational background, as well as your experience in project management and your project management education.

  • Project Management Education

You need to have 35 hours of formal education in the area of project management. You can meet this requirement by participating in the TechSherpas PMP training.

  • Prior (Academic) Education

The minimum is a high school diploma, associate’s degree or its international equivalent (secondary degree). If you already have obtained a four-year college degree (Bachelor or equivalent), it reduces the minimum requirements of professional project manage experiences (see next).

  • Project Management Experience

With a secondary degree, the required minimum of experience as a project manager is 60 months, with at least 7,500 hours as a leading project manager.

With an additional four-year degree, the minimum amount of prior experience is 36 months with 4,500 hours in a leading project management role.

PMP Certification with TechSherpas

You have several options to get your PMP Certifications with TechSherpas :

  • Project Management Professional On-Demand

If you prefer learning at your own pace, our on-demand learning solution (ODL) should be the right option for you. (This also means you can save the expense for a live instructor.) Like our live training, this meets the PMP requirements regarding the 35 hours of formal education.

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Preparation

If you prefer live instruction in either a classroom or virtual environment, have a look at our 5-day Project Management Professional Certification Preparation.

We offer our courses locally, in the classroom environment of our training facilities (see the “ICL”/“In-Classroom Learning” marker). Your can choose among various locations and dates throughout the year.

Our Virtual Live Training (“VLT”) provides you with the required 35 hours of formal education. The training is live, but you can participate from the comfort of your own computer at home or the office.

Do you need further information or have questions? Simply let us know, either by phone or our contact form.



All About On-Demand Learning with TechSherpas

If you want to advance your career, you probably know how important constant learning is, beyond college and vocational training. This has resulted in a growing interest in remote and on-demand learning, especially in the area of computer and information technology (IT). In order to stay up-to-date with the newest developments and to gain an edge over the competition of IT professionals, we suggest you stay updated with relevant certifications.

On-Demand Learning with TechSherpas

The possibilities of modern computer and internet technology have led to a diversity of new options for people looking for IT-related courses, training, and professional certifications.

What is On-Demand Learning?

One challenge, of course, is finding the time in your busy schedule for additional training that will allow the opportunity to acquire additional certification, even while maintaining a full-time job and/or taking care of the family.

On-demand learning offers exciting possibilities of building your training and certification program around your own schedule, to learn at your own pace and during those times that work best for you. Depending on the subject and training provider, this usually is made possible by a modular course structure and prerecorded multimedia training units that are usually made available online/via remote learning methods.

TechSherpas Learning Solutions for Learning On-Demand

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for learning solutions, TechSherpas offers a wide range of software-related courses and certifications, not only in respect to Microsoft technology products like Azure, Access, Office 365, SharePoint, Skype and Windows, but also for software companies like Citrix, Cisco or Oracle, and around subjects like computer and cyber security, network and server administration, cloud computing, project management, productivity and more. TechSherpas on-demand learning and certification provides you with a technical instructor, right from the convenience of your computer, be it at home or at the office.

You will find a selection of courses that complement each other, and you also have the option to bundle courses to create packages in order to benefit from our volume discount. Investing in your education means investing for your future. The learning solutions offered by TechSherpas are designed to fit your schedule, budget and learning requirements.

Ready to take our On-Demand Learning for a “Test Drive”?

If you are not familiar with the option of on-demand and self-paced learning like this, you have the possibility to test our offer: Simply contact us via email – – and we will provide you with a Course Demo Code. Get started today… Learn on demand, and get your certification!

Have you already used this learning method? What are your experiences?


The Latest Tech Accessories

Technology is an ever evolving world that presents us with everyday gadgets that can make our tasks easier to perform. For the average tech user, having the latest phone, laptop and camera are often enough, but if you’re tech savvy or work in the IT industry, you’re probably looking for more unique tech products on the market. To help you in that quest, here are 3 of the latest tech accessories you should have in your life, whether you are a professional or simply receiving remote IT training.

 Tools to Help with Your Job or Remote IT Training

  1. YOUMO

YOUMO is a unique solution to the age-old problem of lacking outlets. Someone who uses a lot of gadgets on a regular basis is always looking for a power source  – from the usual plugs to your USB all – in one outlet. Well, that’s been done, right? Not like this!  The inventors of YOUMO have developed a universal charger which solves almost every problem someone who want to plug and use their devices would have.

Apart from the usual charging stations, YOUMO also comes with wireless charging, speakers, a light source, power LAN and Wi-Fi. The device is the perfect combination of perks that can make the life of a gadget-loving person so much easier.

  1. Dash-i MicroSD Reader

Gone are the days when you had to go through different intermediaries so you could increase your storage space for pictures, videos or files. If your phone or tablet needs more memory, you can stick in a Dash-i MicroSD to expand the external storage of the device limitlessly. This is perfect for tech savvy people who are on the go, and don’t have the time to transfer their daily files to their laptops.  Or, for those who just deal with too many files every day. For a small accessory, this device packs a lot of storage. If you know you’ll be working a lot with your phone or tablet, take this with you to supplement your gadget’s limited memory.

  1. Smart, Wireless Earbuds

Although Apple confused its users with their version of wireless AirPods this year because they were so easy to lose, they were on the right track with the concept. A lot of people using earphones find the wires constricting. They always get tangled, and they’re not the easiest to use when you’re on the go. Now that almost everything is going wireless, it’s about time the much-used earphones joined the club. Instead of AirPods, you can try alternatives that lock into your ears when you put them on, like Skybuds.

What new product are you going to try?  Let us know in the comments below!




How to Train Remotely with Tech Sherpas

At TechSherpas , we are dedicated to giving you the best training possible while making sure that you are learning in a way that fits your lifestyle.  We offer remote learning opportunities so that you can advance your knowledge, career, and business with the necessary certifications.

Take Your Microsoft Training Courses Online

Virtual Live Training

Our virtual live training program is designed to offer the opportunity for a classroom setting to those who prefer or need to work remotely.  This experience  is like being in a classroom right at home.  Students attend a live, instructor-led class through their computer or connected device.  The class is pre-scheduled so that the instructor is right in front of you during the process.  This allows you to learn from your home, office, or other location.  Many students opt for this choice because it offers all of the benefits of attending a lecture at a traditional classroom.  You can communicate with your instructor live and follow along during the class.  You can even have the instructor get hands on, by showing you how to work through the exercises and taking over your computer.  

Virtual learning is an option that combines the benefit of human interaction and the convenience of learning remotely.  If you prefer a hands on approach to learning, but cannot travel to the classes, virtual learning may be for you.  

Microsoft On Demand Learning

If you would rather manage your own education, you may be looking for a more independent learning program. Thankfully, we are able to offer the tools to help you do so with one of our most popular programs.  

Microsoft is a leading technology company with constantly emerging and evolving software.  This is why Microsoft certifications are constantly in high demand, with professionals and employers.  Microsoft certifications make up some of our most sought out training opportunities. With our Microsoft partnership, we are able to offer on demand learning.  With this program, you can take your Microsoft training courses online.  Microsoft On Demand is training that is designed around your schedule, your budget, and your learning needs.  The program combines a number of different tools and resources that allow you to get the training you need.  Because these tools have been developed, you are able to set your own pace when it comes to building skills and obtaining your certification.  You can tackle the entire program at once, or spend a little time each day taking your Microsoft training courses online.  

Our remote programs allow you the flexibility you need when you have a busy schedule.  


Microsoft Certifications

Learn all at once or five minutes at a time, anywhere, anytime with New MOC On-Demand

Now you can build Microsoft technical expertise while balancing the demands of your schedule. TechSherpas , your Microsoft Gold Learning Partner, is now offering Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand (MOC On-Demand).

What is MOC-On-Demand
MOC On-Demand combines high-quality video, reading, live hands-on labs and knowledge checks in a self-paced format to help you build skills on Microsoft technologies as your schedule allows—all at once or five minutes at a time. Once purchased, students will have 24/7 access to the course and labs for 90-days. The students will have access to the digital courseware indefinitely.

High-quality content, direct from the source. MOC On-Demand is brought to you by the people who write the software. The content is based on the same official courseware we use in our instructor-led training, and videos feature engaging experts hand-selected by Microsoft. It’s quality content!

Live hands-on labs. Unlike other on-demand offerings that offer simulated labs, MOC On-Demand gives you a live, real-time environment for hands-on training. In fact, it’s the same Microsoft hands-on Labs environment used in the classroom. The best way to learn is by doing, right?

Immediate feedback on mastery. MOC On-Demand’s modular course structure lets you control what order you follow while you learn at your own pace. You can concentrate on what you don’t know, or focus on what you need to know right now. Knowledge checks tell you whether you’ve mastered the content and are ready to move on, or you need to review the information further.

To get additional details and read the FAQ, click here

 MOC On-Demand Purchase Options

 As we launch this new product, we are offering two options at which you can purchase:

1)      Reduced price when bundled with our live instructor-led course

2)      Purchase MOC On-Demand course as a standalone product (digital courseware is included)

When purchased with the live class, it serves as a great supplement to the live instructor-led training. You still have the advantages of being in a live class with instructors who can answer questions and also assist with labs, but you now have the opportunity to go back and listen to an instructor anytime you need, over the next 90 days.

How to MOC On-Demand

Using MOC On-Demand is simple, and can be done anywhere there is an internet connection. You can view the training from any device, but labs will need to be completed on a desktop or laptop, not one of your handheld devices. Training begins in three simple steps:

1) Purchase Course – Purchase your course with TechSherpas

2) Redeem the code provided to you by TechSherpas – Within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive a Code, and link with instructions on how to redeem

3) Start learning On-Demand

MOC On-Demand Courses

There are currently four Microsoft On-Demand courses available for purchase:

  • 10747 – Administering System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
  • 10961 – Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell
  • 20483 – Programming in C#
  • 20341B: Core Solutions of Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013

Additional courses will be released in the coming months.

Coming February 11th:

  • 20331 – Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
  • 20410 – Installing and Configuring Windows Server
  • 20412 – Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

Coming February 25th:

  • 20411 – Administering Windows Server 2012
  • 20413 – Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure
  • 10267 – Introduction to Web Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Coming March 3rd:

  • 20417 – Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012
  • 20697-1B: Installing & Configuring Windows 10
  • 20480 B – Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

MOC On-Demand puts you in control of your learning experience, and it’s only available through certified Microsoft Learning Partners, such as TechSherpas 365 . Click here to get started.

If you can’t go live, RCI! Live virtual training via Remote Classroom Instruction

Technology is constantly improving the way people do business, how businesses operate, and how people communicate. It has also had a very positive impact on education within the classroom, and has expanded the delivery methods available to students and instructors. Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI) is one way technology has been integrated into classrooms, especially in the IT training and education industry.  Also known as Virtual Live training (VLT), RCI connects multiple locations, enabling instructors to provide live training to students at various different locations world-wide, simultaneously.

What is RCI?

Sometimes a second computer is used so that you can see the live presentation while using the other one to complete the labs. What you will need is an internet connection, as well as speaker phone or hand-free device to free up those digits. Web cams are also available to you, so don’t lose the human touch putting a face to the voice.Train in your PJs if you want to! RCI allows students to get live instructor led IT training from the comfort of their own homes. They can also choose to get the training straight from their desk at work, or at a designated training facility in their city. Not to be confused with a webinar, virtual training via Remote Classroom Instruction is live online training. It’s a live class, delivered by a live instructor, but students don’t actually need to be present to get the benefits of live instruction. They get these benefits virtually. Using remote desktop technology, students have the ability to log into and control a PC from inside the live class. This means as an RCI student you don’t even have to have the software being utilized during the training class. It is provided for you. Just a few click and you are logged into the live session.  Web conferencing allows you to see Instructors desktop as he or she provides presentations, demonstrations, example, and discussions. Join in the conversation, ask questions, and interact just as you would if you were physically in the live class. The instructor can also remote into your computer at any time, if you need help with something.

Click here to watch our brief video on virtual training via RCI.

Benefits of RCI

Class cancellations are a top concern by students. Students sign up for classes that they are truly interested in or need. Naturally, you would be upset if a class you needed was cancelled, right? Well RCI has significantly reduced class cancellations across the training industry.

Choosing RCI as a delivery method for your IT education can be a very frugal decision. Travels cost can be significant, especially if you have to travel out of town, purchase plane tickets, accommodations, and local transit.

Virtual training benefits include:

  • Saves money! Decreases your training/travel budget.
  • Saves time! No additional time spent traveling to training facilities.
  • Training when you need it! Prevents students from having to push training out to another date due to scheduling issues.
  • Less cancellations.
  • Live and interactive experience.  Live online training allows for a more personal training experience, as compared to pre-recorded or non-interactive classes.

When is RCI right for you?

Although RCI provides a solution for many and has high satisfactory rates among our students, this type of delivery method may not be the best option for everyone. Those who lack some basic computer skills, such as switching between documents, opening and saving files from application, and locating the task manager and start menu, may still want to participate in the live class. In addition, those who have a hard time following the English language should also consider the live class over virtual training. RCI is meant to provide a solution for students, making training more convenient and effective for their particular needs. It should not cause added stress or complications.

Virtual training via RCI with TechSherpas


TechSherpas was one of the first to implement RCI.  When you browse our course schedules, you will notice that every class offers these two delivery methods – ILT (Live, instructor-led training in classroom) andVLT (Live, instructor-led training delivered virtually). The VLT option is made available trhough RCI. Our conferencing is done via VOIP (voice over internet protocol) so to fully experience the course a headset or microphone & speakers are required. We have fully adopted the use of VOIP for RCI, as you may have noticed that nowadays many people don’t own a home phone. This would present a problem with the phone conferencing option.

A few days before your class is scheduled to begin, our hands-on Operations team sends each student detailed step-by-step instructions on how to access RCI. It’s recommended that you test your connections a few days prior to your class beginning, and not wait until the last minute.  The Operations team is available to answer any questions or trouble-shoot for anyone who needs assistance.

If you are getting training through RCI at one of our training facilities located throughout the US, all you have to do it show up. We control all the technical aspects of the room software and hardware set-up. Just show up and get ready to learn!

Microsoft Lync is the cool tool we use to deliver the live presentation to you. GoToMyPC is used by the students to complete the labs.

RCI is just one learning method we provide. The others include:

Do people prefer virtual training over other delivery methods?

Our students have shown high regards towards RCI training, been satisfied with the delivery and content, and have expressed their intent do it again – in fact, many have! In one of our more recent student surveys, they left this note, “This was my first virtual-classroom course. Although I was skeptical at first, it worked out very well.”


Don’t knock it until you try it! If you have not tried virtual training yet, we encourage you to go ahead and give it a run. You may be thinking that you really prefer to physically be at the live instructor led class, but you may find this to be a more convenient option for you. We live in a fast paced society where there never seems to be enough hours in the day. The RCI option gives you the opportunity to fit training in your schedule without unnecessary travel cost, time, and scheduling troubles.

This is actually the perfect opportunity to try RCI, as one of our BOGO promos includes RCI classes. Buy One RCI Course, Get a Second One FREE! Get more details here.