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This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to manage cyber security across an organization’s entire environment including understanding risk management, identity and access control, network and data security. This course includes new technologies like IoT and cloud services.


  • Fully understand Security from a real-world viewpoint
  • Implement security controls on systems within an environment, network, data, servers, host, mobile, cloud
  • Understand risk management and how each individual or department can be part of reducing risk
  • Understand cryptography at the basic level to ensure a company is implementing this correctly
  • Understand how to impose controls for mobile and IoT devices
  • Prepare for the CSP or Security+ certification
  • Become part of the solution for improving the security posture of your company


IT Professionals, Server Administrators, Network Administrators, Virtualization and Cloud Administrators, anyone that needs a general understanding of cyber security, those seeking the Security+ Certification, 8570 Directive

Course Includes:

  • Individual Course Access
  • Course Video
  • E-Workbook
  • E-Prep & Lab Guide
  • Exam



Module 1 – Threats and Vulnerabilities
a. Types of Malware
b. Types of Attacks
c. Social Engineering
d. Mitigating Attacks
e. Discovering vulnerabilities and threats
f. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Module 2 – Cryptography
a. Understanding crypto concepts
b. Crypto methods and where to use them
c. PKI and Certificate Management

Module 3 – Identity and Access Control
a. Why IAM?
b. Various Authentication Services
c. AAA
d. Implementing the Controls

Module 4 – Network Security
a. Network Devices
b. Other Devices
c. Administering and Implementing Security
d. Network Design
e. Protocols and Services
f. Wireless Networking

Module 5 – Host/Server Security
a. The Operating Systems
b. Hardening the OS
c. OS additional software security
d. Physical security

Module 6 – Data Security
a. Different Types of Storage
b. Risks associated with all types of storage
c. Encryption Options
d. Corporate Management Options
e. Various device uses
f. Hardware security options for storage

Module 7 – Application Security
a. Application Security Principals
b. Secure Coding Concepts
c. Hacking for the purpose of testing
d. Top 10 OWASP Risks
e. How to harden against those risks
f. Patch Management

Module 8 – Mobile Security
a. What devices are we talking about?
b. The Risk
c. Hardening these Devices!
d. Corporate Management and Legal issues

Module 9 – Compliance and Operational Security
a. Managing Risk
b. Managing Risk with third parties
c. Implementing Corporate Strategies
d. Incident Response and Forensics Procedures
e. Utilizing Physical and Environmental Controls