Networking Tips for the IT Professional

19 June, 2017 | Della Wyler | Careers in IT, IT Certifications
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Networking is an important part of being in any career but can open up unlimited doors in the tech industry job market.  Networking can be daunting for someone not familiar with it, no matter how advanced they are in their career.  Regardless of why you’re looking for new connections, there are effective ways to approach someone you want to get to know and make a connection.  Remember, looking for and locking down potential connections to work with you is a long term affair. Much like any relationship, it will require planning, a lot of work and compromise.

Launch Your IT Career With The Right Connections

To help you better approach future long term connections, here are some tips for networking and relationship building so you can launch your IT Career.

  • Research First

Going to a networking event?  Got your eye on a specific connection you want to make?  Do a little research.  If you think that there is one specific formula you can go through each time you approach someone, you’re wrong.  Your approach to any would-be connection should depend on what you know about them. Spend some time to do an in-depth research on their name, career, preferences, and a little background.  Know the major players in both of your industries. Look into their background, what their career path was like, what their most recent ventures are. You can even research on how to best research a potential connection.  Just make sure you use your research wisely.  Don’t spit out facts about themselves when you meet them- simply know the information so it is easier to find a natural common ground.

  • Get Creative and Make an Impression

When you make that initial connection, you want to have some creative form of continuing the relationship.  Whether this is a memorable business card, setting up a meeting in a unique setting, or just buying their coffee, you want to make an impression that will be remembered.


  • Get to Know Multiple People in the Organization

If you have someone in mind you want to reach, but you don’t have anyone in common, get to know people who work for their company. They don’t necessarily have to be decision makers because the goal is to have them brief you of the company culture and point you in the direction of their heads. Eventually, you will get to the top. This process a little tedious and will require patience and a lot of creative thinking, but it will eventually pay off. At least, when you do get to the decision makers, you know enough about the business to hold a conversation.  You never know where your next big break could come from.  The mail delivery person can be just as valuable as the president of the company!