Meet Microsoft Azure

7 November, 2016 | Della Wyler | Cloud Technology, IT Certifications
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When it comes to storage for your files and programs, you need the best for yourself and your clients.  Microsoft has taken it’s cloud computing platform to the next level with Microsoft Azure, released in 2010.  This is the ultimate sharing program, and is ideal for businesses or multiple users, as well as individuals with the need for privacy or mass storage.  It also happens to be one of the many Microsoft certifications we offer at TechSherpas 365 . 

Microsoft Certifications for Microsoft Azure

This platform is useful for any IT professional.  There are a number of tools and templates integrated within the system that make management of apps faster and user friendly.  You can manage your cloud infrastructure and storage with ease and efficiency.

Azure is known for its flexibility, supporting a vast selection of operating systems and programming languages.  You can use a wide variety of programs and integrate them with Azure.  By combining technologies that are already utilized by IT professionals everywhere, Azure has created a mass support system that is sought after at all levels.

Perhaps one of the most appealing and groundbreaking aspects of Microsoft Azure is its capability for ultimate security.  Many businesses and organizations store private client information that cannot be released at any cost.  This creates a hesitancy when it comes to storing data on a cloud, and forces business to undergo constant backups.  The storage equipment and space used to backup these businesses can be expensive and require constant upgrades, which also cause the business to incur charges.

With Microsoft Azure, you acquire a commitment to privacy.  Microsoft is the first major cloud provider to adopt the new international cloud privacy standard.  When you are certified in Microsoft Azure, you are able to provide your clients or company the ideal storage solution.  You have affordable space that provides high security, and the name Microsoft backing you up with assurance of your services and security standards.

You can offer your client flexible payment plans, since Microsoft Azure allows you to scale your payment plan to the services you need.  This also makes it a great tool for your own work, as you can grow your Microsoft Azure services while you grow in your industry and needs.  

At TechSherpas , we offer various levels of training and Microsoft certifications with Microsoft Azure.  We are a Gold Microsoft Learning Partner with an excellent reputation in IT training.   Our instructors have shown the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and can help you take your career and your company to the next level of excellence.