The New Surface Pro: 5th Generation

5 June, 2017 | Della Wyler | Microsoft, Technology
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Microsoft’s Surface Pro has been a hit since its first release. You will find that, like the generations prior this release, this new launch will have the same core concept and functions as its predecessors. Why mess with a good thing, right?

Microsoft Surface Pro 5th Generation Has A Lot Going on Beneath the Surface

Despite those similarities, Microsoft claims that there have been a lot of internal improvements made to the Microsoft SurfacePro 5th Generation, which has made it technology news all over the nation. A total of 800 new custom parts we introduced to this mode.  This was according to the Microsoft Surface Chief, Panos Panay.

Apart from the unexpected change in components, Microsoft also dropped the numbering scheme that their products have now become known for. Now, they’re simply calling it the move, however, Microsoft chose to drop the numbering scheme in favor of calling it simply the “new Surface Pro”. This product releases in 26 different countries, from the US and UK to India and Taiwan, on June 15. You can still pre-order them now.

The most basic version of the Surface Pro you can pre-order comes with an Intel Core m3, but you can choose between 2  Intel Core i7 or 3 Intel Core i5 options too. These processors are all 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake units, and the GPU can be easily upgraded to Intel HD 620 or 640 from Intel HD Graphics 515 and 520. They’ve even added an LTE option, which can support both and eSIM micro SIM. This feature comes with an additional price though. With all these options and new features, it’s up to your to pick which on suits your needs and budget the best.

What remains the same are the memory options, which still ranges from 4GB to 16GB, while the storage 128GB to 1TB. This model has a 13-hour and half worth of battery life and comes with hinges that you can move deeper. It can even lay nearly flat on a table. The Surface Pro is light and easy to carry around, weighing about 784 grams. That’s good news for most professionals who loved the sleekness and compactness of the previous models.

All these features will cost you anywhere from $799 to $2,699. At $799, you will be getting the 128GB base model. It has an Intel Core m3. That latter price will get you all the add on features mentioned above – the biggest storage, the best processor and the best memory. You can also add Type Cover keyboards, which costs around $129 to $159. In comparison, its most recent predecessor has just been discounted to $699 at the Microsoft store.