How Remote Learning Can Change Your Life

22 January, 2018 | Della Wyler | Careers in IT, IT Certifications
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Be it a college course, the learning of a foreign language or software coding – you can learn a multitude of things remotely, i.e. via the internet. There is hardly a subject on which you cannot find information and instruction, be it in the formal setting of a university online platform, tutorials and “how-tos” on private and business websites as well as the major video platforms.

Remote Education Can Change Your Life Forever

This means you cannot only learn how to knit, crochet or cook with the help of videos and graphics – certain accredited online programs also allow you to achieve a high school or even a college degree while studying from home.

Higher education:

  • Study according to your own schedule and pace, even while being fully employed or being at home raising your kids
  • Save on expenses for commute and campus housing etc.
  • Study independently from your current location by utilizing mobile devices like laptops, tablet computers or even smartphones

Since your level of education usually plays a huge part when it comes to your general chances of employment and/or getting ahead in your career, furthering your education through remote learning could literally be a way of changing your life.

Learn new skills, boost your CV/career:

It does not always need to be a formal school/college education that you decide on. Computer-based remote learning can also help you to keep up-to-date with your software-, multimedia- and internet-skills. You might do that out of personal interest, but of course, such skills might further your career as well.  They can even help you to become self-employed if that is your goal.

Enrich your life/leisure time in general:

Of course, work is not everything. Maybe, in contrast, you are looking for a new hobby to balance your busy work day: arts and crafts, baking or cooking, or some other personal subject of interest.

Costs and providers:

Be it for academic, business or hobby purposes – you have a large variety of learning options to choose from:

  • Freely available videos on major video portals such as or
  • Especially designed video/multimedia courses from general providers like, and, as well as training providers that specialize in particular niches like search engine optimization or the use of certain software. Often, you will be able to find such training (including certification) via the websites of those companies who also sell the corresponding software
  • One-on-one training via video communication with independent teachers/trainers
  • Online programs by accredited universities and colleges
  • Specialized podcasts, blogs, and e-books

Depending on the provider, the subject and its individual complexity, the fees for participating in remote learning can range from “free of charge” to several thousand US-dollars. While you will usually not be able to obtain a full (US-based) college education for free, you can still participate in free university courses/lectures, even from such renowned places like Stanford or Berkeley.

When it comes to training from commercial providers, look for special offers, coupon codes and trial periods to save money.

Many tutorials, webinars and basic online courses are free of charge to you, because the providers either make their money through advertising space/sponsored posts or affiliate links, or the courses are designed for promotional purposes, where you might take the basic lessons for free but will need to pay for the more in-depth training.

TechSherpas remote training can provide adequate value for money, and you can still benefit from the simple fact that you can participate remotely and on your own time – a chance that might otherwise not have been available to you at all.