TechSherpas Training is Done at Your Convenience!

10 July, 2017 | Della Wyler | Cloud Technology, IT Certifications
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At TechSherpas , we want to make sure that your training enhances your lifestyle, not inhibits it.  In order to accomplish this, we offer a variety of remote learning IT products and methods to make your technical education easy.  

Remote Learning IT Options for the Busy Student

Virtual Live Training

This remote training program is offered to the long-distance learner or the busy student with limited time or resources.  For those who want to have a classroom setting, students can attend a live, instructor-led class through their computer or connected device. The instructor is right in front of you during the process because the class takes place at a pre-determined time.  This allows you to schedule in your class without ever leaving your home or office. Students can even communicate with the instructor live and follow along during the class. 

On Demand Learning

If you would rather just get your certification online, you may be looking for a more independent learning program.  Thankfully, we are able to offer the tools to help you do so with one of our most popular programs.  

Our Microsoft partnership allows us to offer on-demand learning opportunities right from your home.  Microsoft On Demand is training that is designed around your schedule, your budget, and your learning needs because you manage the pace of your own education.  The program combines a number of different tools and resources that allow you to get the training you need.  You are able to set your own pace using the tools provided when it comes to building skills and obtaining your certification.  You can tackle the entire program at once, or spend a little time each day, or even take some time throughout the year.  There is no set time period except the goals you make for yourself.

Do you have a busy schedule, but are constantly looking to improve your career standing and position?  Our remote learning opportunities may be just what you need!