The Rise of Learning-as-a-Service

15 June, 2018 | Della Wyler | Careers in IT, IT Certifications, Training & Education

TechSherpas is excited to announce we will be launching our new Learning-as-a-Service Platform in June of 2018.

This platform is designed to enhance the traditional classroom learning experience by providing users with access to Microsoft-produced On-Demand content, award-winning e-books and reinforcement articles, and live access to a technology expert Mentor. This robust and versatile platform is the future of learning for the digital age.

Modern day tech workers and students need more than just a multi-day classroom training session to fully harness the skills needed to tackle the IT job roles of tomorrow. This platform will provide access to free and paid learning modules in areas such as Data Science, Cloud Administration, Big Data, and DevOps. Gaining the knowledge needed to excel it IT requires a new way of learning, one that combines traditional instructor-led training with a multi-faceted, access-at-any-time combination of learning methods and tools.

TechSherpas 365’s Learning-as-a-Service Platform will eventually offer five Microsoft-focused tracks, each with three paths depending on the learner’s training needs:

      • Data Science – this track is one of the growing fields in the industry and is in alignment with the Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science
      • Azure – exploring the most in-demand product in the Microsoft portfolio
      • Big Data – building a skillset to help your organization make the most out their data
      • DevOps – leveraging the best industry-adopted practices to become more agile
      • Cloud Administration – discovering the tools needed for Cloud Administration and the Azure platform