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16 January, 2017 | Della Wyler | IT Certifications, Technology

At TechSherpas , we provide essential training for those in the tech industry.  Our valuable training can bring you to the next level in your career! IT training in Atlanta isn’t always enough, however. In order to advance in your career, you need the right training and the right tools to make it happen. That’s why we also provide valuable products in our online store to help you get to the top. Here are just some of the available and valuable items that we offer.

TechSherpas Offers Even More Than IT Training in Atlanta

Computer Systems and Displays

Of course, we offer a wide variety of computer systems.  From barebone notebooks and systems to Blade servers to desktop computers, we are a one stop resource for all types of computer systems.  If you’re looking for notebooks, tablets, or workstations, you can find these in our store.  Whether you are building, repairing, or looking for a full system, TechSherpas is the place to find what you need.  

We also have computer displays, from monitors to electronic writing boards.


Our online store carries a variety of elements for your AIDC/POS systems.  We have barcode readers and verifiers, POS kiosks, check readers, keyboards, cash registers and pole displays, among other items.  We even have bundles and solutions to get you started.

Network & Communications

In our industry, it’s important to be connected.  We have a number of network and communications elements and devices.  

Consumer Electronics

We’re not all about tech professionals!  We have a large inventory of consumer electronics.  Whether you’re looking for a clock radio or a complete gaming system, we have you covered.

Multimedia Devices

Looking for graphic or sound cards?  Video modules?  Yup, it’s in our store!

Everything Else

This is only a small sampling of what we have on hand.  Basically, our goal is to have you covered for all of your technological needs.  We have such a wide variety of accessories, for computer systems, home theaters, gaming systems, and repairs.  We even have a large inventory of office supplies, so that the budding entrepreneur or massively successful businessperson can make one convenient stop to the TechSherpas store to get their needs, from wastebaskets to full computer systems.
Being a company that offers IT training in Altanta, we wouldn’t leave you without the latest in software.  Explore our software packages at the TechSherpas online store.


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