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    CompTIA ITF+ helps professionals to decide if a career in IT is right for them or to develop a broader understanding of IT.

    • ITF+ is the only pre-career certification that helps students or career changers determine if they have a competency for information technology and if it is the right career path for them.
    • ITF+ is the only single certification that covers all areas of IT foundations, creating a broader understanding of IT making it ideal for non-technical professionals.
    •  ITF+ establishes an IT education framework for students in secondary and post-secondary settings.

    About the exam

    The CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam focuses on the essential IT skills and knowledge needed to perform tasks commonly performed by advanced end-users and entry-level IT professionals alike, including:

    • Using features and functions of common operating systems and establishing network connectivity
    • Identifying common software applications and their purpose
    • Using security and web browsing best practices

    This exam is intended for candidates who are advanced end users and/or are considering a career in IT. The exam is also a good fit for individuals interested in pursuing professional-level certifications, such as A+.


    IT novices who need a broad, fundamental understanding of IT and who want to learn the basics of computers, computer software, mobile devices, networking, LANs and WANs, data storage, and how IT infrastructures are monitored and managed.

    Ideal candidates include:

    • Entry-level and newly hired technical professionals, including PC support, help desk, and networking professionals
    • Sales and marketing professionals looking to increase their ability to communicate with technical professionals and increase sales
    • Executives who seek better-informed decision making
    • Professionals seeking to prepare for the CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Exam


    • Set up a computer workstation and use basic software applications
    • Understand the functions and types of devices used within a computer system
    • Apply basic computer maintenance and support principles
    • Understand some principles of software and database development
    • Configure computers and mobile devices to connect to home networks and to the internet
    • Identify security issues affecting the use of computers and networks


    Module 1 / Using Computers

    • Unit 1: Common Computing Devices
    • Unit 2: Using a Workstation
    • Unit 3: Using an OS
    • Unit 4: Managing an OS
    • Unit 5: Troubleshooting and Support


    Module 2 / Using Apps and Databases

    • Unit 1: Using Data Types and Units
    • Unit 2: Using Apps
    • Unit 3: Programming and App Development
    • Unit 4: Using Databases


    Module 3 / Using Computer Hardware

    • Unit 1: System Components
    • Unit 2: Using Device Interfaces
    • Unit 3: Using Peripheral Devices
    • Unit 4: Using Storage Devices
    • Unit 5: Using File Systems


    Module 4 / Using Networks

    • Unit 1: Networking Concepts
    • Unit 2: Connecting to a Network
    • Unit 3: Secure Web Browsing
    • Unit 4: Using Shared Storage
    • Unit 5: Using Mobile Devices


    Module 5 / Security Concepts

    • Unit 1: Security Concerns
    • Unit 2: Using Best Practices
    • Unit 3: Using Access Controls
    • Unit 4: Behavioral Security Concepts