3 In-Demand Technology Jobs and How to Qualify for Them

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3 In-Demand Technology Jobs and How to Qualify for Them

Are you looking for a job in the field of technology? Do you want to learn more about the qualifications and career options regarding technology jobs? There is a high demand in skilled people to fill IT- and tech-related positions. Considering the constantly evolving technologies, it is unlikely that this demand will change in the nearer future.

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So, what are the in-demand tech jobs, and what kind of qualification do you need to get them?

Software Developer/Engineer

Computers run with various kinds of software/computer programs. These can be standard commercial products or highly specialized with customized programs to meet the exact needs of the user. Some corporations even have their own proprietary software, with which they organize their processes.

The development, design, maintenance, and testing of these programs is the domain of software engineers and developers.

There are various college programs in computer science and software engineering available at the undergraduate as well as advanced levels, such as Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSE).

Systems Administrator/Engineer, Network Administrator/Engineer

Especially larger organizations do not simply use single computers for their operation, but entire information technology systems. Administrators are usually occupied with the day-to-day running and maintenance of the computer systems/networks. The tasks for a systems engineer rely mostly in the organization and planning of the network infrastructure.

The typical entry level education is a Bachelor’s degree, but there are also special certification programs, such as the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP).

Web Developer

Web Developers build, design, implement and maintain an organizations websites and create or integrate back-end applications by using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and XML. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical entry level degree is an Associate’s degree.

Further Technology Jobs Qualification Options and Information

Many tech careers provide options to work either as an employee or independent contractor. Depending on which state you work in, there are regulations for the use of certain professional terms and job titles.  Example: As an “Engineer” (like “Software Engineer”, “Computer Hardware Engineer” etc.) you might need to obtain a license.

It is not necessary to have an IT-related college degree to secure a job in the growing industry of technology. There are also degrees in other fields like mathematics, statistics, and more, that serve as basic qualification for an IT job. With such a degree, your best option is to combine it with additional IT-relevant certifications. These are not only available at colleges, but also via commercial providers.

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Companies Need IT Employees for the Holiday Season

There are a lot of seasonal jobs that crop up, especially during this time of year. People are always busy and on the move — constantly buying presents and planning trips. That has opened the opportunity for many to take more jobs that are specific to the season. When you think of those job opportunities, you usually think about retail or travel. However, they can also mean IT jobs.

IT Jobs Are Available For the Holiday Season

Yes, you read that right. IT employees are also in high demand during the Holiday Season.


Online Marketing

A lot of companies are realizing that e-commerce and online marketing are a massive part of the sales they rake in during the Holiday Season. In fact, many businesses are able to double, even triple, what they earn the same time the year prior. That’s all thanks to the extra push they give on marketing campaigns during the season.

They have to be targeted and optimized, so it reaches the right audience. Other companies, especially bigger ones, will surely use experienced IT professionals to boost their online marketing campaigns. The best way to compete with them is to make sure you have the same expertise on your team.

E-commerce Sales

You need to have an online presence during this time of year, especially with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and many other sales that happen throughout the season. The best way to take advantage of that hype is to be just as accessible to your target market as possible.

A lot of your shoppers avoid the mall and opt to do their shopping online because of the heavy traffic going there, their long to-do list and the number of people rushing to do last minute shopping. Take advantage of this by hiring the right IT people to get you those people who rather shop online.


Because you will be checking a lot of order and delivering a lot of products, your systems have to be very efficient. A professional IT guy working for you can ensure that your processes, especially if you have an e-commerce site, are working effectively throughout the season. That way, your customers get the best experience.

IT employees offer different businesses a particular skill set that is useful all year round, but they are particularly needed during the Holiday Season. They have the knowledge and experience on how to widen your reach, convert that to sales and makes sure products or services are delivered on time and without a hitch.