All about the MCSE Certification

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All about the MCSE Certification

Among IT professionals, “MCSE Certification” has certainly become a buzzword with a certain ring to it. But what is the MCSE Certification? How do you achieve it, and what are your career options once you are certified? Let us look into that a bit more closely!

MCSE Certification

First of all: What does “MCSE Certification” actually mean?

MCSE is a part of the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification program. It stands for “Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert”. You can either use it as a certification on its own or consider it one of the “building blocks” of the MCP certification.

For your MCSE Certification you have the choice among five different focus areas:

  • MCSE: Business Applications (key technologies: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (key technologies: Microsoft Azure and Windows Server Virtualization, incl. data center, identity and systems management, cloud technologies, virtualization and storage as well as networking)
  • MCSE: Data Management and Analytics (key technology: Microsoft SQL Server, incl. SQL administration, data solutions etc., cloud-based and on-site)
  • MCSE: Mobility (key technology: Windows System Center, incl. device management in respect to “BYOD” (as in: “bring your own device” work environment)
  • MCSE: Productivity (key technologies: Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365, incl. skill development for moving your business into the cloud to increase productivity as well as flexibility while also reducing data loss and improving the security of your data)

MCSE Certification at TechSherpas

Techsherpas offers a variety of MCSE certification learning solutions, especially in the character of boot camps. These offer you the possibility to achieve the required skills within a very short but focused period of time (i.e. a few days). You can read about the benefits of learning boot camp-style in our blog post about the boot camp learning method.

If you prefer a classroom environment, you can make use of our training course options in one of our local training facilities. (For more information, see the “ICL” marker in our course catalog, which stands for “In-Classroom Learning”). We offer our courses at various locations and various dates throughout the year. However, if you prefer to participate from your own computer at home or the office, we provide Virtual Live Training (“VLT”) as well.

You also have the option to start with an MCSA certification (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) first, which as such is a stepping-stone to obtain the certification of MCSE.




Latest Microsoft Updates for September 2017

If you have Microsoft products you will quickly see that regular updates are available to move your system along. This September, there are some major updates and service packs available through Windows Update.  Here is what you should look out for, especially if you are a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Microsoft Certified Professional Employees Should Watch for these Product Updates

Windows 10 Updates

Windows 10 Version 1073 is the latest major update to Windows 10.  They’ve labeled this the “Creators Update”.  In this update the following changes have occurred:

  • The Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer has been relabeled the Windows Configuration Designer.  It is available in the Windows Store as an app.
  • You can now create provisioning packages using the Windows Configuration Designer to enroll devices in the Azure Active Directory.
  • You can now turn off Windows Spotlight on Action Center, and turn off the Windows Welcome Experience.
  • Customized Start and taskbar layouts can be applied to devices using Windows 10 and Windows 10 Enterprise and Education.
  • Cortana and Azure AD join forces for easier access and shared Cortana capabilities
  • New features added to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection
  • Small updates have been made to various aspects of Windows for Business

Windows 8 Updates

Windows 8.1 is the latest major update to Windows 8, and has been codenamed “Blue”.  In this update, the following changes have occurred:

  • The Start screen has many small new features, most notably an extended “All Apps” view.  This view allows you to sort small and extra-large sizes for tiles.  Additional customization options were also added.
  • Tighter integration with windows-based cloud services
  • Increased security, including a device encryption update
  • Support for Workplace Join feautre
  • Support for 3-D printing