The Benefits of IT Certification Programs for your Professional Career

7 May, 2018 | Della Wyler | Careers in IT, IT Certifications, Training & Education

IT certification programs for your careerParticipating in IT certification programs has a number of benefits for IT professionals, as well as, computer enthusiasts aiming to get a foothold in the business. There is a wide array of IT-related courses out there. But please note: The number of those that actually provide you with such credentials that can make an actual positive impact on your career is much smaller.

What is the difference between IT certification programs and  IT degrees?

You are probably aware that various universities and colleges offer programs that lead to an academic degree in an IT-related field like computer science, cybersecurity, etc. Some of these programs provide certifications as well, but the providers of most IT certifications are private businesses.

One particularly important benefit of a certification is that it usually takes significantly less time to obtain. This is due to the fact that certification courses tend to focus more on one specific area. We, at TechSherpas , offer special boot camps to help you to achieve your IT certification goal.  In addition, it is easier to earn an IT certification at TechSherpas while working full-time, especially since there are options for customizable On-Demand Learning available.

A definition for “Certification” from the Oxford Dictionary describes it as “the action or process of providing someone or something with an official document attesting to a status or level of achievement”.

In contrast to a university degree, an IT certification program is less regulated. It is important to choose the right provider to ensure you are receiving the best value for your efforts, your time, and your financial investment.

How to find the right provider for your IT certification

Theoretically, anyone who teaches some kind of subject can issue a corresponding certification for their students. That is why the selection of the right provider is especially important. You should look for a provider that

  • is qualified, reputable and
  • offers certification courses with recognition value

TechSherpas is a Microsoft Gold Partner. This means that TechSherpas is Microsoft-certified to operate as a training and certification provider for Microsoft products. Among these products are Office 365 and SharePoint, Access, Azure and more. This ensures qualification as well as recognition value: When you put such a certification on your CV, you want potential employer to recognize it as a valuable credential.

But our certification courses also include products of various other manufacturers, like Oracle, Citrix, and Cisco. Our CompTIA training provides professional and vendor-neutral certification from beginner to expert-level.

An IT certification helps to shape your profile as an IT professional. It can give you the leverage you need to positively stand out from your competition.

Let us know: Which IT certification programs – so far – have made the greatest impact on your career?