Land Your Dream Job in IT: Certification vs. Work Experience

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Land Your Dream Job in IT: Certification vs. Work Experience

You have set your sight on a career in Information Technology (IT), and now you want to land your dream job. As with most dream jobs, you are going to have to meet certain minimum requirements to help you succeed in your search for a position.

Many jobs require a specific college education. While there are various college programs that offer IT-related degrees, a degree is not necessarily a requirement. What actually is a requirement is:

  • an IT certificationland your dream job
  • work experience


  • IT certification together with work experience

A certification or work experience: What is more important to land your dream job in IT?

One possible answer regarding what is more important could be to check the IT job offers in the various internet job portals. They will help to give you a general overview about what potential employers expect from their IT staff.

It makes sense to assume that hands-on work experience in IT gets more important with an increasing seniority of the offered position. In contrast, it is rather unlikely that a lot of such work experience is expected or even required, when an employer need to fill an entry-level position.

If you are aiming for an entry-level position and do not have any or only little related work experience to offer, then a qualifying IT certification becomes of major importance. On the other hand, for senior positions keep in mind: the more skill, responsibility and complexity a position in IT involves, the more employers will look at the qualification (i.e. up-to-date and relevant certifications) of their potential candidates.

In other words, work experience and certification can both add significant value to your application and CV.

Benefits of certification and work experience

If you are in the lucky situation and able to add a current IT certification as well as related work-experience to your qualifications – congratulations! That should get you quite a head-start above other applicants that want to land a dream job as well.

If that is not the case, an IT certification can be obtained much quicker than work experience that will actually count. Techsherpas offers a range of certification training as Boot Camp Courses. This means they provide their students with qualified hands-on training and the knowledge they need to pass a certification exam within just a few days.

That means that if you already have IT related work experience but find out during your job search that the respective official certification is one potential requirement, then you can take care of that within a relatively short time.

Gaining a certain amount of work experience naturally takes its time, but it does have benefits: If you already have work experience, it shows your potential employer that your skills have already been tried and tested in an actual work environment. It also means you have been able to put your theoretical knowledge to practical use.

Even if you already have extensive work experience, you might still want to consider rounding it off and updating it with a current IT certification to land your dream job. IT professionals work in an area that is constantly evolving, so knowledge and skills need to be up-to-date. For that reason, there may even be a chance that your employer is willing to cover the tuition costs.

If you have your certification but no work experience yet, do not worry: Everybody needs to start somewhere, and be it with an entry-level or junior position. That might not quite be your dream job, but at least you will have your certification to get your proverbial foot in the door.


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2 Additional Technology Jobs In Demand and How to Qualify for Them

In our recent post, we have already talked about technology jobs in demand.  Since the world of technology is getting more and more complex, so diverse are the type of professionals to navigate it. Therefore: Here are MORE of those tech/IT jobs that are particularly in demand.

Technology jobs in demand

Data Analyst/Data Scientist

Computers and networks run on data, and every day, more data is being generated and collected. Therefore the amount of such data (big data) is constantly increasing. In order to evaluate and interpret this flood of information (words, numbers, pictures etc.), specialists are in high demand.

Many decisions and business strategies, across all industries are based on such information.

If you aim for a job as a data analyst/scientist, the minimum of a bachelor degree is typically expected. Most professionals who work with big data have obtained an advanced degree, such as  a Masters or Doctorate Degree in an area such as computer sciences, but also subjects like mathematics or statistics.

Information Security Analyst/Computer Security Analyst

Since the information stored on computers and in computer networks are often of a confidential nature, keeping it secure is of the utmost importance. Experts in information security and computer security (see also: “Cybersecurity”) are definitely technology jobs in demand. An information security analyst’s responsibility involves the planning and implementation of protective measures.  They also need to detect potential security gaps and anticipate future data breaches by computer hackers.

The methods of computer hackers are constantly evolving. Therefore, the information security analyst needs to stay up-to-date with the developments in computer sciences and related technologies. Just as it is the case with most IT jobs, it is important to participate in further education and training beyond the achievement of a college degree. This is possible by participating in additional IT training courses and IT certification training (see TechSherpas IT Certification Training overview).

Maybe you already have an IT-related college degree and want to enhance your career. In any case, you should have a look at our various computer training and certification programs, including our on-demand learning solutions that can help you obtaining your certification on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Here are just a few examples for the training that we currently provide:

  • MCSE: Data Management & Analytics 70-773 Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R
  • MCSE: Data Management & Analytics 70-767 Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse
  • CVSE: Certified Virtualization Security Engineer
  • CSSO: Certified Cloud Security Officer





The Benefits of IT Certification Programs for your Professional Career

IT certification programs for your careerParticipating in IT certification programs has a number of benefits for IT professionals, as well as, computer enthusiasts aiming to get a foothold in the business. There is a wide array of IT-related courses out there. But please note: The number of those that actually provide you with such credentials that can make an actual positive impact on your career is much smaller.

What is the difference between IT certification programs and  IT degrees?

You are probably aware that various universities and colleges offer programs that lead to an academic degree in an IT-related field like computer science, cybersecurity, etc. Some of these programs provide certifications as well, but the providers of most IT certifications are private businesses.

One particularly important benefit of a certification is that it usually takes significantly less time to obtain. This is due to the fact that certification courses tend to focus more on one specific area. We, at TechSherpas , offer special boot camps to help you to achieve your IT certification goal.  In addition, it is easier to earn an IT certification at TechSherpas while working full-time, especially since there are options for customizable On-Demand Learning available.

A definition for “Certification” from the Oxford Dictionary describes it as “the action or process of providing someone or something with an official document attesting to a status or level of achievement”.

In contrast to a university degree, an IT certification program is less regulated. It is important to choose the right provider to ensure you are receiving the best value for your efforts, your time, and your financial investment.

How to find the right provider for your IT certification

Theoretically, anyone who teaches some kind of subject can issue a corresponding certification for their students. That is why the selection of the right provider is especially important. You should look for a provider that

  • is qualified, reputable and
  • offers certification courses with recognition value

TechSherpas is a Microsoft Gold Partner. This means that TechSherpas is Microsoft-certified to operate as a training and certification provider for Microsoft products. Among these products are Office 365 and SharePoint, Access, Azure and more. This ensures qualification as well as recognition value: When you put such a certification on your CV, you want potential employer to recognize it as a valuable credential.

But our certification courses also include products of various other manufacturers, like Oracle, Citrix, and Cisco. Our CompTIA training provides professional and vendor-neutral certification from beginner to expert-level.

An IT certification helps to shape your profile as an IT professional. It can give you the leverage you need to positively stand out from your competition.

Let us know: Which IT certification programs – so far – have made the greatest impact on your career?

Why We Recommend Norton Software

Since we are constantly online, our laptop and desktops are always exposed to the possibility of getting a virus. That’s why there’s a need to set up a software that’s guaranteed to spot that and stop it from infecting our files or, worse, divulging private information. You have to protect your computer from the possibility of losing information or getting hacked, considering that most laptops contain pertinent information about your personal and business life.

Get IT Certified Professionals’ Recommendation:  Norton Software

To help you protect your interests, you need a software that provides your computer the security it needs. This is what Norton is known for. It’s been the industry leader for years and is able to provide up-to-date protection against the most recent of malware, spyware, adware, and viruses.  If you want to get IT certified professionals’ opinion, Norton is the top choice. To get to know this software more and find out the type of security it gives you, here are some of its benefits:

  • Comprehensive Protection

Being in the industry for years, Norton has already set up specific mechanisms in their software to protect your computer from almost every type of attack, whether it’s a malicious spyware or a generic virus. This type of comprehensive protection will not be available with just any antivirus, especially those which you download for free. It also goes beyond that firewall that you own computer’s operating system can provide.

  • Up-to-Date

The issue with most other anti-virus is they can only combat the usual virus. They are not made to progressively protect your computer from recently made malware or adware. Norton keeps you safe no matter where and how much you shop, surf or even bank online. It instantly blocks any infected downloads and backs up your files in case of a threat. That way, regardless of an attack, your files and memories on that laptop are safe.

  • Proactive

Instead of waiting for your files to get damaged or your information to be stolen, the Norton software does proactive checks that will alert you if a particular app is risky or may contain a virus. The software is also able to warn you if you’re walking into a social media scam, like click bait and links with suspicious content. That’s one of the most common ways to infect computers these days.

On top of all that, you can download Norton on almost any operating system, from desktops and MacBook to iOS and Androids – all with a single subscription. It also comes with other fringe benefits, like constant and often free updates and hard drive clean up.