Switching Careers? How to Become an IT Professional

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Switching Careers? How to Become an IT Professional

In case you are wondering: Switching careers, even at a later point in life, is not that unusual anymore. One reason for that is probably the fact that due to modern technologies, further education and training is far more readily available and accessible than it used to be.

Computer and information technology (IT) can be found everywhere, in our business as well as private lives. Therefore, the idea of putting their IT affinity to professional use does not seem a huge leap for many people.

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What to consider when it comes to switching careers to IT

  • Area of expertise: information technology is a vast field, so carefully consider which area you feel most at home, for example computer hardware and periphery, network design and administration, cyber and computer security, programming and coding.
  • Job market: Enter the respective keywords into search engines and job portals to get an idea about the corresponding job titles/descriptions as well as requirements for applicants.
  • Credentials/experience: Does your current job, professional training or past work experience provide you with any experience or credentials that you could apply towards a new career as an IT professional and would look good in your updated CV?
  • Professional training/practical experience: Depending on which kind of future position you have set your sights on, you might need to be able to present proper credentials, practical experience or both. While an internship might offer first practical experience, professional IT training and even certification will probably be your most important step towards switching careers to become an IT professional.

Education, training, and certification

There are various college programs available to help you achieve a degree in the field of information technology and related areas. When you consider switching careers though, you might not be in the position to invest that much time (and money) into your education and training. This is where IT certification courses come in. They allow you to achieve a professional, industry-acknowledged IT certification within a comparatively short period of time. For example, a TechSherpas Boot Camp Certification Course prepares you for a certification exam with a time investment of just a few days. TechSherpas also offers you virtual learning solutions and learning on-demand, so that you can get educated and achieve your first certification without having to quit your current job. It also allows you to get a deeper knowledge and familiarize yourself with the work of an IT professional before having to make any major career-changing decisions.

Many open IT positions do not require an IT college degree, and with the TechSherpas learning solutions you can quickly achieve industry-recognized credentials and work on making your dream of switching careers a reality. To learn more about these available opportunities, have a look at our blog post “3 of the Best Entry Level IT Certifications to Boost Your Career”.


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The Benefits of IT Certification Programs for your Professional Career

IT certification programs for your careerParticipating in IT certification programs has a number of benefits for IT professionals, as well as, computer enthusiasts aiming to get a foothold in the business. There is a wide array of IT-related courses out there. But please note: The number of those that actually provide you with such credentials that can make an actual positive impact on your career is much smaller.

What is the difference between IT certification programs and  IT degrees?

You are probably aware that various universities and colleges offer programs that lead to an academic degree in an IT-related field like computer science, cybersecurity, etc. Some of these programs provide certifications as well, but the providers of most IT certifications are private businesses.

One particularly important benefit of a certification is that it usually takes significantly less time to obtain. This is due to the fact that certification courses tend to focus more on one specific area. We, at TechSherpas , offer special boot camps to help you to achieve your IT certification goal.  In addition, it is easier to earn an IT certification at TechSherpas while working full-time, especially since there are options for customizable On-Demand Learning available.

A definition for “Certification” from the Oxford Dictionary describes it as “the action or process of providing someone or something with an official document attesting to a status or level of achievement”.

In contrast to a university degree, an IT certification program is less regulated. It is important to choose the right provider to ensure you are receiving the best value for your efforts, your time, and your financial investment.

How to find the right provider for your IT certification

Theoretically, anyone who teaches some kind of subject can issue a corresponding certification for their students. That is why the selection of the right provider is especially important. You should look for a provider that

  • is qualified, reputable and
  • offers certification courses with recognition value

TechSherpas is a Microsoft Gold Partner. This means that TechSherpas is Microsoft-certified to operate as a training and certification provider for Microsoft products. Among these products are Office 365 and SharePoint, Access, Azure and more. This ensures qualification as well as recognition value: When you put such a certification on your CV, you want potential employer to recognize it as a valuable credential.

But our certification courses also include products of various other manufacturers, like Oracle, Citrix, and Cisco. Our CompTIA training provides professional and vendor-neutral certification from beginner to expert-level.

An IT certification helps to shape your profile as an IT professional. It can give you the leverage you need to positively stand out from your competition.

Let us know: Which IT certification programs – so far – have made the greatest impact on your career?

The Value of IT Certification

Information Technology has integrated itself over time into every aspect of business.  Those with IT certifications are more sought out than ever before, and companies are hiring free agencies as well as in-house employees.

Before proceeding, it’s best to clarify first what an IT based certification is. This has been a long practice employed by different companies to test specific professionals on the use of their system – like Citrix, one of the biggest software developers in the world, constantly improves their testing process. As much as degrees are important for most employers, your specific knowledge of programs is often the edge you need.

Advantages of IT Certification

  • Improves your Technical Knowledge

Most of these certifications come with different training modules that you have to study and apply.  This allows you to better master a specific program not just theoretically, but how they are used by the companies that have them. This is the perfect opportunity to hone your skills or zone in on a specific career or specialization in IT that you want to pursue. Some of the things you could study include the following: Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Lean Six Sigma, Cisco and even Microsoft.

  • Increases Your Professional Credibility

If you’re on the job hunt, this is a great way to differentiate yourself. A lot of people claim to be proficient with different software on their resume; a certification can easily back up that claim.  It’s a standard test that everyone takes and has to pass in order to successfully prove that they are indeed proficient with a program. When a company sees that you are certified, they will instantly know that you’re added value to them because you have the technical knowledge that’s both complete and comprehensive in order to perform tasks in the company. This is your seal of versatility, convincing them that you have skills to handle a variety of projects.  In fact, according to a study by IDC, new hires with IT certification advance faster, learn the job more quickly, and have a deeper understanding of efficiencies that make the job more productive overall.

  • Builds You Up for That Big Promotion

If you have been working for a company for a while, and you finally want to get that promotion, having an IT certification could be the push that your company needs. According to Microsoft, certified individuals make an average 15% higher salary and have 39% faster job fluency. Certain certifications could help firms decide who the best assets are for the company.

How to Learn

At TechSherpas , we offer a number of programs to tailor your training to your lifestyle.  Our On-Demand Bundles allow you to work on your certification at your leisure, from the comfort of your home.  This online training is the ultimate in convenience.  If you are more of an on-site learner, our Certification Bundles allow you to group your training into a more price-friendly package, allowing you to advance to a higher level for a reasonable price.  Finally, our Certification Boot Camps are ideal for the individual who wants to advance quickly in their career or get that great job they’ve got their eye on.  This condensed training gives you the opportunity to become certified in a high-intensive, faster-paced environment.