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IT Certification Boot Camp Courses by TechSherpas

Boot camp certification courses are an efficient and relatively quick way to advance your IT skill set, credentials, and therefore your IT career. When you are already a part of the full-time workforce, it is not easy to find the time for to further your education. This can be a problem, because further education and training is exactly what is required when you want to achieve or maintain an ‘expert level’ in your field. This is where the boot camp learning method comes in.boot camp certification courses

What is the Boot Camp Learning Method?

Many people will probably think of the military when hearing or reading the term “boot camp” (or “bootcamp”). With this particular ‘boot camp’ course it is refering to a physical and mental training for new recruits over a few weeks.

The idea has found its way into the methodology of teaching and learning as well: focused, intensive training to achieve a learning goal within a comparatively short amount of time, and perhaps for several consecutive days. Proponents of the method appreciate the in-depth focus that the participants can achieve.

Of even more importance is the feasibility and practicality: Instead of a long-term time commitment, you invest a few full days as you take a short break from your usual occupation and get some intensive, hands-on training.

If your goal is a particular certification, you can achieve that goal in just a short time. If it is a change in your career or the promotion to a more qualified position, a boot camp training can help make such a change within a comparatively short time.

Boot Camp Certification Courses with TechSherpas

TechSherpas offer a variety of boot camp IT certification courses with a duration from five to nine days, depending on the subject.

The training takes place in a classroom environment with a like-minded group of people. You will receive hands-on instruction provided by a certified instructor.

This is also an opportunity to do some networking among computer professionals and enthusiasts. However, we also provide boot camp opportunities via virtual live training.

Have a look at some of our boot camps:

Are you interested in onsite training for a whole group of people or have any questions? Contact us for further information.