The Benefits of Investing in Employee Training

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The Benefits of Investing in Employee Training

It is nothing new that the right employees are a key factor for the success of a business. Recruiting the right talent and building a successful team can be a long and expensive challenge. As an employer, you want your staff to be skilled, motivated and productive. One good strategy to achieve this is to invest in the right employee training. This is especially true in the area of IT training, because information technology is an integral and constantly evolving part of most organizations.


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8 good reasons for IT-related employee training

  • Information technology is a field that undergoes frequent development and change. You need to make sure that the knowledge and skill-set of your employees remain up-to-date. This helps them and your company to keep up with these developments.
  • More and more IT professionals understand the necessity of constant education, certification and training. Offer them the opportunity to continue their professional development as a part of your staff. This can be an important incentive when it comes to recruiting the right people.
  • When you find the right employees for the right team it is in your best interested to keep them motivated, so they stay productive and do not feel the need to change employers.
  • Paying for employee training gives you the option to steer their further education into the direction that suits the IT and computer requirements (operation systems, networks and security measures) of your organization.
  • Granting paid IT training (that might even lead to a particular certification) can be a great bonus and a sign of appreciation that benefits the employee as well as the employer.
  • After receiving additional training, the employee can continue and share their enhanced knowledge with other (junior) team members. This multiplies the benefit of your financial investment in the employee training. It might even have an additional positive team building effect.
  • Additional IT skills and certifications can be the right way to allow a staff member the transition into a role with more responsibilities and increased knowledge/skill requirements.
  • You can specifically target a knowledge/skill gap and thereby enhance performance where it is needed.


How to handle the risk of an employee leaving shortly after you paid for his/her training and losing your investment

  • You can set up an agreement between the employee and the company that links the payment for their additional training to a minimum staying duration with the company afterwards. You can stipulate that they otherwise will have to reimburse the company for a part or the whole amount of that has been invested in their training.
  • Generally, keep in mind: An employee who is happy with their workplace is less likely to change employers.


Have a look at our course catalog to get a better idea about how you can invest in the development of your employees. Do you need additional information or have further questions? – Let us know!




IT Learning Solutions with TechSherpas – an Overview

A real IT expert needs constant learning and upkeep – we at TechSherpas offer you a set of different IT learning solutions that fit your organizational needs:

In-Classroom or Virtual IT Learning Solutions

You can participate in certification training and other IT classes either on campus or virtually from your own computer at home or the office. If you prefer the live in-classroom experience with like-minded fellow students, you can choose our facility here in Tampa, Florida, or one of our other training locations all over the United States.learning solutions

If you are not local to one of our training locations you have the choice between two different ways of course participation on a virtual/remote basis:

Beyond these options, we also offer customized on-site training at your own facility or location of your choice. If you are interested in further details or have any questions, please contact us.

On-Demand Learning

Our on-demand IT learning solutions give you the opportunity to build your training around your personal schedule. With prerecorded multimedia training units and a modular course structure, you can learn online at those times that work best for you. You can also choose your own study pace, and have the option to bundle courses.

Boot Camp Certification Courses

We provide many of our certification courses that prepare you for various IT certifications  in a “boot camp” format. This means an intensive training for several consecutive days. This means, you can prepare for a potentially career-boosting IT certification within a comparatively short time. With this learning solution you do not need to commit yourself to a training that might take several months, but can instead take a few vacation days off your usual occupation to reach your training goal. Our certified instructors offer you professional, hands-on instruction. Depending on the subject, our boot camp certification courses have a duration between five to nine days.

Further Course Information

Have a look at our current catalog of boot camp certification courses, on-demand training options and more. This will give you can get a better idea of your options. If you have any further questions – let us know!

Does your organization have a Corporate Training / Skills Development Strategy?

As the workforce continues to evolve with the economic conditions, capitalism has faded and talentism has begun to resonate within companies nationwide. This shift emerged as companies continued to struggle to stay ahead through the down economy, where it matters less if companies can access the capitalism they need and more on their ability to attract and retain the talent that drives success. The US Department of Labor estimates that in the 21st century, 60 percent of all new jobs will require skills possessed by only 20 percent of the workforce – that’s a pretty significant talent gap. Talent is a key factor in achieving a competitive advantage, and the reality is that talent is also a scarce resource, specifically when it comes to technological skills. With this shift, companies need to reevaluate their business strategies and ensure that a talent strategy is in place. One that attracts, retains, and develops talent. They can have a strategy that includes hiring talent, and/or hiring and then providing corporate training and personal development to build talent. Both strategies have proven to be successful.

The benefits of Corporate Training & Personal Development
Studies have shown there is a significant link between high engagement and personal development. There are several reasons why organizations should encourage and provide personal development and skills training for their employees.

Encouraging personal growth leads to employee motivation and retention
Training can give your organization a competitive edge
Increase Employee Performance
According to the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), supervisors who are effective at developing people can increase employee:

Performance by up to 25 percent
Engagement by up to 29 percent
Retention by up to 410 percent
Skill Development, through training and certification, is one way companies can encourage improvement and development of their employees, who are the driving forces behind business success.

Embrace technology to create a strong talented workforce
Technology should not be feared and avoided, but rather embraced and utilized. Use it to strengthen your talent strategy. Use it to maximize your resources.

In a recent article by Marty Nowlin (Riding the Technology Wave), he discusses how companies need to embrace technology, confront changes head on, and align it with the right talent strategy. He lays out 6 steps that can be taken to maximize the opportunity that technology presents:

Use technology to discover untapped potential – Use it to reach and work with people from all over the world. The talent you need may not always be in your backyard. Through technological advances you can reach the talented people you need, no matter where they are located!
Use technology to make training more effective – Again, with the advancements in technology, training can be done more effectively and efficiently, saving time and money. When training can take place remotely from the office, from an employee’s work stations, they can transfer knowledge more easily and apply it on the spot. Remote connectivity has provided significant enhancements to the training industry. It allows people to connect to the office and with each other without physical presence. With Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI), people can train from anywhere – home, office, etc. – saving time and money. Read more about Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI) here.
Work or train virtually.
Work or train virtually.
Use Technology as a “one-size-fits-one” approach – One of the great things about technology is that it has evolved in such a way that it can really be personalized to fit a person’s or company’s specific needs. One example – a company can create a menu of training classes that their staff can select from based on their specific job roles and functions.
Use specific technologies to optimize productivity – Technology can provide companies with a competitive advantage by utilizing specific software tools that will “lean-out” business processes and create efficiency. Software selection is typically based on the business operations, type of clients, location of their clients, and other offices, etc. Some examples include:Teleconferencing; Mobile Platforms and applications; Big Data; and Social Networking.
Retain employees by using technology as the facilitator for flexible working – Get the talent you want by giving them the opportunity to have a flexible work schedule and work environment. Technology allows people to work from home, in another state, or other public locations – not the typical work station. Opportunities like this can be very appealing and a strategy in attracting top talent.
Take advantage of easy access to information but carefully balance how to use it – Technology gives us access to a plethora of public knowledge, especially through the social networks. Use it to find information about the talent you seek, but be careful as to violate one’s privacy.
Does your company encourage personal or professional growth?
If an organization places high importance on skill development and values employee development, then employees will believe it’s important for their own success. That is why businesses should offer corporate training and personal development. Find out of your company had a skill development strategy or plan in place. If they do, how has it helped you advance in your career and grow personally and/professionally?