PMP Certification – Become a Certified Project Management Professional

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PMP Certification – Become a Certified Project Management Professional

The Product Management Professional certification (in short: PMP certification) is a credential issued by the Project Management Institute (“PMI”). According to PMI, this certification is intended for professionals who:

  • perform the duties of a project manager (under general supervision) and are “responsible for all aspects of the pmp certificationproject for the life of the project”
  • “lead and direct cross-functional teams to deliver projects within the constraints of schedule, budget, and scope”
  • “appropriately apply a methodology to projects that have reasonably well-defined requirements and deliverables”

Requirements for PMP Certification Candidates

You can achieve many certifications by participating in the training courses and then taking the exam. However, in order to be eligible to become a certified Project Management Professional you have to meet certain requirements first. These requirements concern your educational background, as well as your experience in project management and your project management education.

  • Project Management Education

You need to have 35 hours of formal education in the area of project management. You can meet this requirement by participating in the TechSherpas PMP training.

  • Prior (Academic) Education

The minimum is a high school diploma, associate’s degree or its international equivalent (secondary degree). If you already have obtained a four-year college degree (Bachelor or equivalent), it reduces the minimum requirements of professional project manage experiences (see next).

  • Project Management Experience

With a secondary degree, the required minimum of experience as a project manager is 60 months, with at least 7,500 hours as a leading project manager.

With an additional four-year degree, the minimum amount of prior experience is 36 months with 4,500 hours in a leading project management role.

PMP Certification with TechSherpas

You have several options to get your PMP Certifications with TechSherpas :

  • Project Management Professional On-Demand

If you prefer learning at your own pace, our on-demand learning solution (ODL) should be the right option for you. (This also means you can save the expense for a live instructor.) Like our live training, this meets the PMP requirements regarding the 35 hours of formal education.

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Preparation

If you prefer live instruction in either a classroom or virtual environment, have a look at our 5-day Project Management Professional Certification Preparation.

We offer our courses locally, in the classroom environment of our training facilities (see the “ICL”/“In-Classroom Learning” marker). Your can choose among various locations and dates throughout the year.

Our Virtual Live Training (“VLT”) provides you with the required 35 hours of formal education. The training is live, but you can participate from the comfort of your own computer at home or the office.

Do you need further information or have questions? Simply let us know, either by phone or our contact form.



What a Project Management Certification Can Do For Your Career

A Project Management Certification is one of the many credentials that you can accumulate to qualify for a management. The Project Management Certification online program is sought out by many American businesses and even global companies. The reason for this is that a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification validates the education, skills and professional experience of a candidate.

Check Out These Benefits of Getting Your Project Management Certification Online

Some of the benefits that a PMP certification can do for you include the following.

 Pushes You to the Next Level

This a great next step if you’ve already grown, in terms of technical skills, in programming languages, system administration infrastructure and so on – which all have their certification process. You can get a certification to formalize all the experience you’ve accumulated through managing different IT projects.

Whether you’re doing this prove your skills to a new a company or you’re targeting a promotion, getting a Project Management Professional certification can easily bulk up your resume. Once a company sees that you are certified, they can objectively say that you’re added value to them.

 Makes you Better Qualified for Promotions

For IT professionals who have been with the same company for a while and are eyeing a promotion, having a PMP certification could be the push that your bosses need to finally give you that job. Not only does it show them you’re committed enough to undergo a formal process of certifying your skills, you’re also showing them a way to objectively delineate you against the other option for the promotion. If it’s a toss up between two high-performing employees, your superiors will naturally opt for someone with a PMP certification over someone without it.

 Allows You to Apply for the Jobs You Want

Having a certification is a great way to differentiate yourself. A lot of applicants and people who are in the promotion pool claim to be great at managing IT projects on their resume. What sets you apart from that group is having a PMP certification to back your claim. It’s hard to question a standard process that is made to test the skills of a would-be project manager.

Certified professionals are expected to have both the skills to run a project seamlessly and the technical knowledge to complete challenging tasks. Although people without a certification may also be able to do that, being a PMP reminds any hiring officer that you have those skills for sure. They can’t say the same for those without that certification.