2 Additional Technology Jobs In Demand and How to Qualify for Them

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2 Additional Technology Jobs In Demand and How to Qualify for Them

In our recent post, we have already talked about technology jobs in demand.  Since the world of technology is getting more and more complex, so diverse are the type of professionals to navigate it. Therefore: Here are MORE of those tech/IT jobs that are particularly in demand.

Technology jobs in demand

Data Analyst/Data Scientist

Computers and networks run on data, and every day, more data is being generated and collected. Therefore the amount of such data (big data) is constantly increasing. In order to evaluate and interpret this flood of information (words, numbers, pictures etc.), specialists are in high demand.

Many decisions and business strategies, across all industries are based on such information.

If you aim for a job as a data analyst/scientist, the minimum of a bachelor degree is typically expected. Most professionals who work with big data have obtained an advanced degree, such as  a Masters or Doctorate Degree in an area such as computer sciences, but also subjects like mathematics or statistics.

Information Security Analyst/Computer Security Analyst

Since the information stored on computers and in computer networks are often of a confidential nature, keeping it secure is of the utmost importance. Experts in information security and computer security (see also: “Cybersecurity”) are definitely technology jobs in demand. An information security analyst’s responsibility involves the planning and implementation of protective measures.  They also need to detect potential security gaps and anticipate future data breaches by computer hackers.

The methods of computer hackers are constantly evolving. Therefore, the information security analyst needs to stay up-to-date with the developments in computer sciences and related technologies. Just as it is the case with most IT jobs, it is important to participate in further education and training beyond the achievement of a college degree. This is possible by participating in additional IT training courses and IT certification training (see TechSherpas IT Certification Training overview).

Maybe you already have an IT-related college degree and want to enhance your career. In any case, you should have a look at our various computer training and certification programs, including our on-demand learning solutions that can help you obtaining your certification on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Here are just a few examples for the training that we currently provide:






Great Career Sites to Find Your Perfect Job

Finding a job in modern times is usually done through the internet- especially if you’re looking for a career in technology.  If you’re wondering where the right place to look is, these sites are a great resource for finding a career.

Check These Sites to Pursue a Career in Technology

Check out these great career sites to find your perfect job, no matter what stage of your career you’re in.


Indeed is one of the top job sites available at this time.  This leading job site posts millions of jobs, and pulls from a variety of resources, including free listing, other job sites, newspaper listings, and more.  It is also an excellent research site.  You can easily find out average salaries and see if the positions you apply for compare.  You can research jobs and career paths to find out education requirements and job duties so that you can start pursuing your dream job in a well-informed and strategic manner.  This is a wealth of information and resources you will definitely want to explore.


Dice.com is the leading job site geared specifically toward tech careers.  In addition to being able to search for jobs based on employer, location, and keywords, you can upload your resume, track jobs, and even get valuable career advice and news.


Glassdoor is just like the other major job sites, except it has an additional focus on helping employers gain top level employees.  It’s a great way to get discovered by the right company, and to put your information out there to the people you want to attract in your career.


This is a freelance site which can be an outstanding resources for independent freelancers, students, and those looking to build their resume with contract work.  This site makes it easy to find freelance work by matching you with candidates looking for your specific skills and experience level.  No matter what your specialty, you can gain experience and income through Upwork.


LinkedIn is becoming one of the most utilized ways for employers to find qualified candidates, and for job seekers to look at companies they want to work for.  Set up like a social media site, LinkedIn offers a personalized experience when it comes to job hunting.

What’s your favorite method of looking for jobs?  Has it been successful?  Let us know in the comments below!