Take a few simple steps to earn an MCSA/MCSE Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Microsoft Certifications

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Take a few simple steps to earn an MCSA/MCSE Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Microsoft Certifications

Certified IT professionals, now more than ever, are being sought out by corporations to ensure they get qualified individuals to run their organizations more efficiently. The streamlined Microsoft Certifications were created with job roles in mind. Depending on the role an IT professional will have, there are certification pathways in place to get them the skills sets and qualifications they will need to fill their role.

Here, we will breakdown the Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification tracks. There are four pathways to earn the MCSA, which is the first step in earning the MCSE.

 Microsoft Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Certification Pathway

  Microsoft Certifications:

  • MCSA Windows Server 2012,
  • MCSA Windows Server 2016
  • MCSA Linux on Azure (including LFCS)
  • MCSA Cloud Platform
  • MCSE Cloud Platform & Infrastructure

Earning an MCSA requires you to take 2-3 courses/exams (depending on the certificate you are going for). Once you have earned any of the MCSA’s listed above, you only need to take 1 elective course/exam to earn the MCSE.

Target job roles:

  • MCSA level: Cloud administrator, network or computer systems administrator, computer network specialist, cloud specialist in Linux
  • MCSE level: Senior cloud administrator, cloud architect, cloud engineer in Linux, computer support specialist, information security analyst

You can earn an MCSA by taking a bootcamp, or purchasing a bundle. There are Live instructor-led options as well as On-Demand options – all created with you in mind, so there is something to fit every budget and schedule. Sign up today! Get certified!

Boot Camps


  • MCSA: Cloud Platform / MCSE: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure
  • MCSA: Linux on Azure / MCSE: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure
  • MCSA: Windows Server 2016 / MCSE: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us! Our team is ready to guide you towards the right path to fit your learning goals, budget, and schedule.


Careers That Choose Microsoft Certified Employees

If you’re looking for an exciting career, a Microsoft certification can get you there.  There are many careers that can be improved by obtaining your certification.  With Microsoft having so many different facets, it can lead to a wide variety of career choices you may not have realized were an option, when you achieve a Microsoft certification.

Microsoft Certifications Make Getting These Jobs Easier

Here are some of the careers that choose Microsoft certified employees to represent and manage their businesses.

Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Certified Professionals are responsible for the company’s software.  If a company relies heavily on Microsoft products, this is an invaluable position.  An MCP will fix bugs, install programs and troubleshoot for employees, or more commonly, consumers of the software.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts can work for private businesses, financial firms, and organizations. typically employed by businesses, computer services, financial firms and other organizations. A large part of their position includes protecting IT systems from cyber-attacks.

Database Administrator

A database administrator is involved in the planning and development of a database and is expected to oversee and maintain the performance and security of the database.  They will also help troubleshoot any issues that come up with the users.

Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant or an office administrator is responsible for the efficiency of the entire office. Admins will likely use Microsoft programs on a regular basis, whether it be for letters, reports, presentations, mailings, or any other text.  Having a Microsoft certification indicates that you can accomplish these tasks efficiently and quickly.

Office Manager

The Head Honcho of the Admin world needs to know what is going on with each program.  Understanding and being able to troubleshoot Microsoft programs is often a must, and the proper certifications show that you have that capability.

If you have the potential to succeed and you feel that independent, remote learning is the option for you, our remote learning program is the choice for you.  It will allow you to learn and receive your certification from any location and at your own pace!  When an on-site classes don’t fit into your lifestyle, our remote learning programs will help you achieve the next step in your career.